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The Lamborghini 350 GTS, too bad only a few were made.
The 350 GTS prototype, December 31st 1998, 65 Kb
Format : 750 x 369
Size : 64 Kb

Lamborghini 350 GTS

On the 1965 Turin Auto Show, the public could admire a very special 350 GT, Touring had designed and build a convertible along the same lines as the closed model, and designated it the 350 GTS (or 350 GT Spyder, as it was sometimes called). Only two were ever built, one was displayed on the Touring stand (the black one), the second, a yellow/gold painted one, was put on the Lamborghini stand.
Only marginal modifications were made to the original car, the roof was removed naturally, the windows were altered and the trunk was redesigned to store the top. The dashboard and the central console in these GTS's was also slightly altered, and looked even better than those in the GT-version of the 35O.
Touring even designed a hardtop for this car, because it was tought this car would go into reduced production. Touring was going through a very difficult period, so production remained at only two cars, also Ferruccio wanted to create a quiet, all-wheater car with top performance, and a convertible just didn't qualify.
Some publications also talk about a 400 GTS model, a convertible version of the 400 GT model.
Today the nr. 0325 car, who was sold to the United States, is still owned by the same customer, Mr. Ed Ulrich. It is now equiped with the 400 GT 2+2 sealed-beam type headlamps (probably to comply with the U.S. Laws) and is finished in white over a black leather interior (originally this one was the gold finished GTS).
The black car nr. 0328 and the hardtop were sold to a customer in Spain who later sold it to Prince Altani of Saudi Arabia, it is however unknown if the hardtop was still in existence then.

During 1982, Automobili Lamborghini SpA performed a conversion on a 350 GT, chassisnumber 0160 was converted into a 350 GTS for a French customer. The owner remained anonymous however and the third almost original 350 GTS disappeared.

Later a 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT with chassisnumber 0907 was converted into a spyder by an unknown bodyshop in Europe, this car has been for sale several times on various car shows, the last time this car was seen was at the 1998 Techno Classica in Essen, Germany.

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