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The Lamborghini 400 GT, an intermediate type.
A nice 400 GT two-seater, October 17th 1998, 112 Kb
Format : 750 x 456
Size : 110 Kb

Lamborghini 400 GT

During 1966, the Lamborghini 350 GT could be ordered with an optional 4.0-Liter engine, resulting in the 400 GT model, not to be confused with the 400 GT 2+2 model, who also had a modified body design.
The 4-Liter two-seater, August 8th 2000.
Format : 700 x 458
Size : 109 Kb
This 3939 cc form of the Lamborghini V-12 would be used for several types, a lot of the image and attraction of future Lamborghini's would partly be due to this engine. After testing one for its October 1966 issue, Road & Track termed the 400 GT 'the finest GT car they've ever driven'.
Only 23 cars were built this way, 20 of these were mounted with a heavy, steel body, only 3 were built using the patented SuperLeggera bodywork, acquiring one of these 3 will be very expensive, but one (nr. 0674) was recently for sale.
The 4-Liter two-seater, August 8th 2000.
Format : 700 x 502
Size : 94 Kb
The 4.0-Liter unit was a very smooth-running engine, it was willing to run at any rpm and always started instantly. Yet it reached the highest top speed Road & Track ever recorded. The 350/400 GT had a very elegant styling, with its aluminium body and two seat layout, some prefer it over the Miura or the Countach.
The 400 GT's central console, August 8th 2000.
Format : 314 x 500
Size : 50 Kb
These highly energetic models, with their names taken from bullfighting, have made the Lamborghini name world-famous, but they don't even come close to Ferruccio's opinion of a Gran Turismo. It is considered that the 350/400 GT-series were the closest to Ferruccio's original ideas of creating a comfortable high-performer, the Countach can hardly be called comfortable or practical.
On the inside nothing much changed, the steering wheel and gear shift knob were finished in wood, while the rest of the interior used leather, the central console housed four dials and a large collection of lights and rocker switches.
Few people wouldn't like owning one of these early Lamborghini's, especially one of those three aluminium bodied 400 GT's, but just about any of these first series GT's is a great driving car, very powerfull for their age.

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