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The Lamborghini Islero S, an improved Islero.
A bright blue metallic GTS, December 27th 1998, 88 Kb
Format : 750 x 411
Size : 87 Kb

Lamborghini Islero S

After 125 Islero's, Lamborghini improved it, resulting in the Islero 'S'-model, or GTS. The exterior was only slightly modified, little flares to the four wheelarches, an air exhaust exit behind each front wheel and the front side windows now had fixed triangular panes in their front portions.
Small rectangular fog lights were installed underneath the front bumper and the rear window was now electrically heated.
But the greatest improvement could be found on the inside, the complete interior was redesigned, the front backrests were higher, the rear seatbacks were now split by a folding down armrest, but the greatest improvement was the overall workmanship.

Changes underneath the bodywork were only minimal, the rear suspension was modified to improve stability under hard braking or accelerating, the disc brakes were enlarged, and the engine was now up to 350 bhp.

But the Islero S didn't sell enough, it seemed that all the improvements couldn't undo the bad reputation of the first Islero, the workmanship was much better on the 'S' model but this couldn't boom the sales.
Even the different car magazines didn't spend much ink to this Lamborghini, they were all focussed on the Miura and the Espada.
Only 100 'S'-models were built, the last last one left the factory in early 1970, after only one year of production, but it is now regarded as one of the best front-engined Lamborghini GT's, the Islero (both the GT and the GTS) are among the much less well known Lamborghini's.
A Frenchman even entered an Islero in the 24 hours at Le Mans, but unfortunately, this car didn't qualify.

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