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The Lamborghini Jarama GTS, a great car, but not well known.
A bright red Jarama GTS version, October 14th 1998, 104 Kb
Format : 744 x 546
Size : 102 Kb

Lamborghini Jarama GTS

After being in production for two years, resulting in 177 units, the Jarama was replaced by a new 'S'-model, featuring several improvements.
The Jarama S had a revised interior, the front seats now had slimmer seatbacks, resulting in more legroom for the rear passengers. The wood trim was replaced with brushed aluminium and the switch labeling was improved, no more switches with 'start' on them that released the front hood.
The complete instrument panel was redesigned and the overall workmanship was improved.
A new, more efficient exhaust system, together with revised heads, cams and carburetion, raised the power of the GTS up to 365 bhp, resulting in a 260 Km/h. top speed.
Power-assisted steering became available during the production, and starting from 1974, a Chrysler TorqueFlite automatic transmission was optionally available, it didn't perform too good, so only about 10 Jarama's were actually equiped with it. Another option that didn't found much customers were two small removable roofpanels, resulting in a 'open-top' Jarama, only about 50 Jarama's were ordered with this option.
The exterior differences between a Jarama and a Jarama S are easy to spot, a wide, low air intake was put onto the hood between the two Naca ducts, and behind each front wheel, an air-extractor was installed. The knock-off Miura type wheel rims were also changed to more conventional looking five-bolt wheels as used on the Espada Series II. Small modifications were made to the bumpers and the windshield wipers, now two parallel-action wipers were used instead of the previous type, where the left wiper rested on top of the right one in the middle of the windscreen. The tail lights were changed and the Jarama now shared them with the De Tomaso Deauville.
Despite all the improvements, the GTS wasn't a success, only 150 units were sold, partly because the Lamborghini factory was falling into severe problems.

The Jarama S chassis # 10418 was in fact Ferruccio Lamborghini's personal car, it was stored in his private museum at his wine making vineyards, today it can be found at the Official Lamborghini museum founded by Tonino Lamborghini as a tribute to his father.

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