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The Lamborghini Jarama 'Special'.

A bright yellow Jarama GTS, January 6th 2000
Format : 550 x 354
Size : 94 Kb

Lamborghini Jarama 'Special'

A very heavily modified Jarama GTS has been spotted on the Tonino Lamborghini Museum in Italy, this car was originally a 400 GTS, but the owner had extensive bodywork done on the car.
The bright yellow paintwork heavily contrasts with the black interior, the front hood has been replaced by a brushed aluminium unit with two large holes showing the six big Weber carburetors. The front bumper was completely removed while the headlights became fixed ones, held also in some nice brushed aluminium panels, a deep front chin spoiler was mounted with two smaller Naca type air ducts built into it, two bigger air intakes were mounted in the nose and protected by a steel mesh.
The front windscreen and the rear windows were still the original glass ones, but the side windows were replaced with plexiglass units, the ones in the doors now use a sliding part to allow fresh air into the driver's compartment.
The rear bumper was also removed and the rear light units were completely replaced by small round ones, tree at either side, including the turn signals. As with the front hood, the rear luggage compartment lid was replaced by a brushed aluminium part and received a massive, completely adjustable rear spoiler.
On the inside of this Jarama Special the rear seat was thrown out, the two front seats however remained standard, no race type bucket seats were used. The dashboard received some aluminium parts just like the outside of the car.
No further information on engine modifications was available at this time, but if anybody has more information about this car, please let me know.

Both images on this page are copyright 1999 Marcel de Lange

A bright yellow Jarama GTS, January 6th 2000
Format : 600 x 474
Size : 128 Kb

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