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Gigliato Design Aerosa, a Lamborghini engineered supercar.
The Aerosa on display, October 18th 1998, 105 Kb
Format : 750 x 484
Size : 115 Kb
On the 1997 Geneva Auto Show, Gigliato Design presented a new Sportcar, the Aerosa. Automobili Lamborghini and Gigliato Design were to build this car as a Joint-venture between Japan and Europe. The engine was a special 4.8 Litre Ford Musting V8, pumping out enough horsepower for this small racecar to arrive at 100 Km/h. in less than 5 seconds.
The car would be entering several races through out Europe, Japan and the United States, were it should have posed quiet a threath to the McLaren F1 and Porsche GT1 racecars which dominated their classes.
If this car would become a competitor for the Diablo SVR or GTR model was yet to be seen, perhaps both cars won't compete in the same races.
The Gigliato Design studio was founded by Nobuo Nakamura, a Japanese designer, apparently the name Gigliato sounds similar to his wife's name, while Giglio means 'Lily'.
Because of the strict regulations the Aerosa was designed outside of Japan and later import them, a decision was made to assemble the car in England. During 1995 Gigliato teamed up with Automobili Lamborghini SpA and an updated Aerosa was created, a letter of intention was even signed between the two companies stating Lamborghini SpA would engineer, develop en even built it afterwards.
This Aerosa would be a competitor for the Ferrari 355 range, the first orders were to be accepted during 1998 with delivery starting as early as 1999 for a price of about US $ 65,000.

The Aerosa hasn't been seen recently, so perhaps it will remain a lonely prototype, like so many Lamborghini based dreamcars in the past.


Overall length :4320 mm (170.1 in)
Overall width :1900 mm (74.8 in)
Overall height :1150 mm (45.3 in)
Weight :1300 Kg. (2866 Lbs)

Engine information

Engine type :V8 four valves/cyl., light-alloy block, mid mounted, rear wheel drive
Cyl. Capacity :4601 cc (280.7 cu in)
Bore & stroke :90 x 90 mm
Compr. ratio :9.5:1
Max. power :309 Bhp at 5800 Rpm
Max. torque :300 ft lbs at 4800 rmp

Performance figures

Top speed :260 Km.h (162 Mph)
Acceleration :4.9 second 0 - 60 Mph

The Gigliato Design Aerosa, image gallery.
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The Gigliatto prototype, October 17th 1998, 75 Kb A front look at the early Aerosa, March 26th 2001 The early Gigliatto prototype, March 26th 2001
Format : 750 x 429 Format : 750 x 412 Format : 750 x 335
Size : 88 Kb Size : 75 Kb Size : 44 Kb

The Gigliatto prototype, August 8th 2000 The Gigliatto seen from the rear, March 26th 2001 The redesigned front of the Aerosa, March 26th 2001
Format : 750 x 541 Format : 750 x 471 Format : 750 x 350
Size : 90 Kb Size : 110 Kb Size : 70 Kb

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