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The Cizeta Moroder V-16, the story behind the car.
A stunning black Cizeta with headlights on, October 14th 1998, 55 Kb
Format : 750 x 404
Size : 53 Kb
The design of the Moroder has been presented by Marcello Gandini as the new Lamborghini Diablo prototype, but Chrysler thought this design to be too radical and had their design studio in the States cut the rough edges of the design, so the Diablo looks a little less brutal than this Cizeta.
The Cizeta (a name derived from the men behind this car : Claudio Zampoli, the initials in Italian are C and Zeta) is the only car in present history that uses a massive V-16 engine in a 90 degree configuration. Placed transversely in a central position just behind the seats. The white car on this page is the presented prototype, the other car is the first right hand drive Cizeta produced, and also the final version of the car.
On the 1991 Geneva Auto Show, Claudio Zampoli was alone and presented the definitive model , but sales didn't come too easy, in 1992 only about ten cars were delivered to their very rich owners, but during 1993 sales dropped, and in 1995 rumours surfaced that Mr Zampoli halted production. The car was built is Modena, Italy, in the same region as the Lamborghini factory and only a few miles from the high-tech Bugatti factory and the Ferrari plant.

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