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Enzo Stuarti's Sonata, based on a Lamborghini Miura...
The Sonata in New York, August 12th 1999
Format : 750 x 303
Size : 51 Kb
During the Sixties, the US based Enzo Stuarti managed to completely destroy the fabulous Miura lines, he created a supercar based on the Lamborghini Miura drivetrain and engine.
It was presented on a US Auto Show by Enzo himself, he didn't have a car built yet but he made a nice folder for it, apparently somebody liked the idea and payed him to construct a car. Luckily this was the only car ever built, as you can see in the image, the Sonata must be the most ugly car ever made, the proportions were all wrong and the would-be pop-up headlights were completely out of place on it.

The current whereabouts of this unique vehicle are unknown to me, but I hope it has dissappeared completely.

The Sonata's rear view, August 12th 1999
Format : 750 x 435
Size : 55 Kb

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