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An overview of the Lamborghini Gallardo scale models.

The list presented here is a selection of the various Lamborghini Gallardo scale models we know exist, most of them are actually part or our personal collection, some however have not been acquired yet. Keep in mind that there are probably many more models available than those listed here so please make sure to visit on of the online sources listed on the main scale cars page to check of more cars are available.

Note that several of the models listed here are linked to high resolution photographs and some interesting information on these specific models, just click on the 'Model' link. If you own a Gallardo model that is not listed here, or that is not linked to a high resolution photograph, please feel free to mail us some images of it, we will be include it in the list with your credentials.

Lamborghini Gallardo scale cars :
1/10thGallardo (R/C)HPI
1/14thGallardo (R/C)Nikko
1/18thGallardoAuto Art
1/43rdGallardoAuto Art
1/43rdGallardoMR Collection
1/24thGallardo (slot car)Auto Art
1/32ndGallardo (slot car)Auto Art
1/24thGallardo e-GearFujimi
1/18thGallardo PlayerzPlayerz / Maisto
1/43rdGallardo PoliziaLooksmart

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