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An overview of the Lamborghini Miura scale models.

The list presented here is a small selection of the Lamborghini Miura scale models we own, do note that there are probably more models available than those listed here so please make sure to visit on of the online sources listed on the main scale cars page to check of more cars are available.

Lamborghini Miura scale cars :
1/18thMiura P400Fujimi
1/18thMiura P400Anson
1/48thMiura P400Rubber models
1/48thMiura P400Politoys
1/48thMiura P400Matchbox
1/48thMiura P400Corgi Toys
1/48thMiura P400Verem
1/60thMiura P400Matchbox
1/87thMiura P400I.M.U.
1/200thMiura P400Clivedon collection
1/18thMiura P400 STonka Polystil
1/48thMiura P400 SRio
1/60thMiura P400 SVTomica
1/18thMiura P400 SVJKyosho
1/43rdMiura P400 SVJKyosho
1/48thZn71 RoadsterS.M.T.S.
1/48thMiura P400 RoadsterRio
1/24thMiura JotaHeller
1/24thMiura JotaMariu Tokyo
1/24thMiura Jota RoadsterAirfix
1/24thMiura Jota RoadsterMariu Tokyo

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