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A private collection of Lamborghini scale model cars.

The scale models on the Lamborghini Cars website are, unless stated otherwise, all part of a private collection, and at the moment none of these items are for sale, sorry about that.

We can however give you a very interesting list of online sources were you should be able to obtain most of the cars presented here, note that some models will be more expensive than others, it is not unusual to see a small scale model with a price tag of several hundreds of US $, it all depends on availability and how many units of this specific model have been made or are still available on the market.

A small list of online sources for scale cars :

Alpi Model
One of the largest selections of rare scale models available on the internet.

A very impressive collection of scale models and various automobilia.

Perhaps not an obvious choice, but most of the time there are several active auctions for Lamborghini scale models.

Lamborghini Models
The International Lamborghini Modelers Society.
Visit this site for more Lamborghini scale models.

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