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We all know the very impressive tuning from LB Performance on the Murciélago and Gallardo, the latest T-02 kit for the Murciélago turns the earlier editions of this previous flagship from Sant'Agata into a street legal looking race car, especially with that massive carbon fiber rear wing.

But time has come to take the next step into the Raging Bull tuning scene ... the Aventador, many companies already have aesthetic modifications for the current V12 flagship model, some even have engine tuning available ... so this market niche is getting crowded already ... still the concept render we could admire earlier was only an indication of what LB Performance was building ... a few 'spy shots' were found online while LB Performance was preparing an unveil at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show ... the TAS.

Most of the Lamborghinis tuned by LB Performance in the past got really close to the ground thanks to an air ride suspension ... and from the looks of this Aventador it won't escape the 'low rider' treatment either ... I wouldn't install it on my own Bull to be honest, but I do admire it on these LB Performance specials ... it is all a matter of taste anyway ... and you didn't buy your first Lamborghini for practical reasons either ...but straight from the heart.

LB Performance knows their business, and while one of their latest creations is a wild, wide body Murciélago, on the Aventador they have toned things down a bit. For starters the wheels ... no massively deep lips nor strange designs ... not even a wild paint scheme ... instead one of the most classic wheel designs is used, the initial render showed traditional cross spoke wheel, albeit with a deep concave curve at the rear and finished in fashionable black ... but the actual car would receive a different style wheel, still black however ... the LB Performance kit makes Aventador look at least a decade ahead of anything else on the open road.

From the early image it looked like LB Performance wouldn't be mounting an additional rear wing on their Aventador, instead the original wing got a clear carbon fiber finish, as do the adjustable air intakes above the wheels and that air outlet just in front of the rear wheels. Still when the preparation images leaked we were happy to see a beautiful angular styled rear wing in style with the one LB Performance also used on their Murciélago, so this latest Bull also goes through life with an additional aerofoil at the back.

Again the initial plans showed a glossy, clear carbon fiber roof ... but the window sills kept the same shade as the bodywork, something most tuners also turn into black or carbon fiber ... on the other hand the rear view mirrors do get a carbon fiber dress ... however once the first actual car got unveiled things looked a bit different to say the least.

Instead of the classic white finish shown on the initial render LB Performance decided to take a known route and wrap their Aventador in a brushed aluminum look, like we've seen on their first wide body Murciélago. Now things really start to get interesting, it looks like the entire front bumper is replaced by an LB Performance unit, the render showed air vents on the side but these didn't make it into production yet, the Aventador J styling did ... at first glance. Just take a closer look at the front ... the front air intakes are actually much larger compared to the original bumper, also the black surrounds are gone, so the LB Performance intakes now get a full grille to avoid debris damaging the radiators.

And while there are 'fins' going upward that might look similar to the Aventador J front ... on this LB Performance bumper these fins aren't floating ... they actually attach completely to the front bumper which looks absolutely stunning and is totally innovative ... way to go LB Performance.

Underneath this already beautiful new front bumper it looks like LB Performance will be offering an additional diffuser with small fins on the sides ... a styling that returns on the new side sills too. From this render it doesn't seem like the entire side sill is replaced, only the inset from the air outlet behind the front wheel gets painted black or receives some clear carbon fiber. But the trick is in the end ... just ahead of the rear wheels we see a fin going upward, emerging from an additional side sill underneath the original one, most likely available in carbon fiber too.

So instead of copying the Aventador J style LB Performance took a close look at it and made an exclusive design ... totally different, but still looking like something that could be factory original. We all know the Aventador has a highly developed air flow around it, and in fact a rear wing isn't needed per se ... the bodywork and under tray create enough down force on their own, while the standard rear wing is adjustable, so there is no real need for a massive, additional rear wing ... but it does look cool anyway.

We finally saw the LB Performance Aventador at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show, finished in an impressive brushed alloy look combined with matte black sections, some decals and glossy black wheels from iForged in massive 9x20 inch up front and even larger 13x21 inch at the back, wearing 255/30 ZR20 and 355/25 ZR21 Pirelli PZero Rosso tyres respectively.

The complete LB Performance Aventador body kit consists of a new front and rear bumper, front canards, new side skirts that lead to a modified rear diffuser and naturally that amazing rear wing mounted on some of the most beautiful struts I've ever seen. Note the 'howl' of this Raging Bull has been modified by installing a J-Wolf exhaust system that features adjustable, electronic valves, add to this the by now famous Liberty Walk low-down suspension and you end up with an amazing looking Aventador ... where Italian style meets Japanese personalization.

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Aventador by LB Performance

January 15. 2013

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Impressive add on parts from LB Performance on the current Lamborghini flagship, the Aventador LP700-4

The brushed aluminum wrapped Lamborghini Aventador by LB Performance at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show.

During the setup of the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show this impressive low riding Aventador by LB Performance already drew a lot of attention.

The LB Performance Aventador spreads its wings, ready to attack its prey/
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