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Looking underneath the engine cover of the Mansory Aventador Carbonado we notice several modifications to fit two turbo chargers
Hiding under that grille are two Mansory Turbo chargers adding 550hp to the Aventador standard 700hp ... result :1250hp !
Very impressive styling at the front of the 2013 Mansory Aventador Carbonado
It still looks like a Lamborghini Aventador, but this Mansory Carbonado uses all new panels all around.
Despite being 20mm wider than original the new Mansory wheels fill these front fenders perfectly.
I think the only factory original item at the rear of this Mansory Aventador Carbonado is the rear view camera.
The Mansory Aventador Carbonado spreads its wings, ready to attack.
A very impressive look of this fierce view of the 2013 Mansory Aventador Carbonado
Those vents on the front hood of the Mansory Aventador Carbonado might not be functional, but they look good anyway
Even the LED driving lights at the front of the Mansory Aventador Carbonado are arranged in a stealth fighter array
Official press photo on the Mansory Aventador Carbonado
Rear view of the impressive looking Mansory Aventador Carbonado
A look at the highly customized interior inside the limited edition Mansory Aventador Carbonado
The attention to detail is amazing inside the Mansory Aventador Carbonado
This specific Mansory Aventador Carbonado was the first in a series of only 6 units
The clear carbon fiber finish on the Mansory Carbonado LP1250 sure looks impressive
Rear view of the Mansory Carbonado LP1250 at speed ... with 1250 hp on tap this shouldn't be a problem.
A very impressive tuning package from Mansory using the Lamborghini Aventador as a base, the Carbonado LP1250
The V12 engine in the Mansory Carbonado has been fitted with two turbochargers ... power output is raised to 1250 hp
The Mansory Carbonado LP1250 is built in a limited production run of 6 units ... this is the last one, number 6
Rear view of the very impressive glossy finished Mansory Carbonado LP1250 ...
Amazing interior inside the final production unit of the Mansory Carbonado LP1250.
Mansory executes some serious modifications to the V12 engine so it unleashes 1250 hp
Side view of the final production number of the Mansory Carbonado LP1250, this time with a high gloss top coat
The amazing looking high gloss clear carbon fiber finished Mansory Carbonado LP1250 at the IAA in Frankfurt
Number 6 of 6 Mansory Carbonado LP1250 was on display at the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt
A very dark, initimidating looking clear carbon fiber Mansory Carbonado LP1250
The combination of red and black leather with clear carbon fiber works very well inside the Mansory Carbonado LP1250
Limited edition 6/6 means this is the final production of the impressive Mansory Carbonado LP1250
Very nice stitching and writing on the headrest inside the Mansory Carbonado LP1250

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Photos 31 to 60 of 102


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