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2006 New Year's Special !

For a limited time only, when you select any combination of two calendars from the editions listed, we'll offer you a third calendar totally FREE, you will not be asked to donate an extra $15 US for this third item, so for a total donation of only US $36.50 ($30 for two calendars + $6.50 shipment) you will actually receive no less than three calendars !
This effectively translates into a little over $12 for each calendar, so now is the time to get these very special, and limited 2006 Lamborghini Cars calendar editions, and don't forget, each edition comes with it's own wallpaper CD, so if you select three different editions, you'll also receive 72 different computer wallpapers.

Please feel free to use our Paypal donation button at the bottom of this page to donate the $36.50 required to receive the three calendars you would like to add to your Lamborghini collection, note that you should mention which three editions you would like to receive, once your donation is registered, your package will be shipped by priority airmail inside a sturdy cardboard box to avoid bending of these prized items ...

Lamborghini Cars : the 2006 calendar collection ...

Lamborghini Cars is proud to offer these stunning 2006 Calendars which will make an excellent addition to your existing Lamborghini automobilia collection or a magnificent gift to a friend :

This year we have prepared a great collection of Lamborghini related calendars for 2006, naturally there is the Lamborghini Cars calendar, which features 12 of the most impressive Lamborghini's in our collection of photographs.
Each photograph is professionally printed on high grade paper in large 8x11 inch size, using metal binding instead of low cost stapling, these calendars open up to a big 11x16 inch showing a large monthly grid which allows enough space to record appointments, birthdays and reminders.

But we have another option for you, the Scale car edition, a calendar with 12 stunning Lamborghini's ... in 1/18th scale, an unusual calendar perhaps, but it features some extremely nice cars, a welcome addition to the general Lamborghini calendar mentioned earlier.

And we didn't stop there yet ... we've made an entire calendar collection for you, there is the Murciélago edition, the Diablo edition , the Countach edition and to finish the list, there is the very special Tuning Edition featuring 12 Lamborghini's with a personal touch.
Each of these editions will bring you the most legendary Lamborghini models, professionally ring-bound and printed on high quality, heavy paper, sure to last a lot longer than twelve months ... that is why the photographs used for these calendars can easily be mounted inside a frame afterwards, an exclusive collection of Lamborghini photo's will be a welcome addition for years to come ...

But why stop with a hardcopy ? As an additional bonus We will send you a CD with each of these calendars that holds digital versions of the photographs featured on the prints. You can use these as a wallpaper on your computer, that is why we've included each photograph in four different resolutions (1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1024x768 and 800x600) both in BMP and in JPG file format.
Every single one of these photographs was made into a computer wallpaper, once with the days of the month for which it was featured in the calendar itself, once as a stand alone wallpaper, so you can continue to use it afterwards too.

But let's talk money, each calendar is valued at US $15, that includes the calendar of your choice and the CD that comes with the edition you selected ... but you will receive the calendar you've selected as a gift ... that's right, the $15 value of the calendar is actually a donation to help keep the Lamborghini Cars website online, which due to the increasing size and bandwidth use of your favorite site is getting more and more expensive.

Unfortunately shipment isn't free, so we are forced to ask you an additional US $6.50 for packaging and shipment, this ensures you that the calendar will be shipped inside a well padded envelope and shipped by air mail so it will arrive well before the holidays, these calendars make a magnificent gift ... for yourself or for a friend.
Even if you would like two or more calendars, we'll still ship them for US $6.50 so you can have one for the home, one for the office and a third one to give as a present to someone ... and what's even better, you can select from all the editions presented, if you select to receive multiple calendars you can use any combination of editions you like, and every single one will have the corresponding CD with it ... it doesn't get any better than this you know ...

These calendars are pre-printed and ready to be shipped out right now, so no delays, this time there are no third parties involved anymore. I personally put them in their padded envelopes and bring them to the post office to have them send out to you as soon as possible ... do note however that quantities are limited, so the sooner you react, the sooner you'll receive your calendar with it's CD ... and you'll avoid missing out on this magnificent opportunity to acquire a truly rare item.

I have set up an account on Paypal to offer you the opportunity to use your credit card to support the Lamborghini Cars website, if you would like to send a personal check or use any other means to support the site, and help me make it even better, please don't hesitate to mail me directly at : smeyersm@yahoo.com

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