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Countach 7000 Prototype - the STORY

During the 1986 production year, Giulio Alfieri received a new redesign for the legendary Countach. The QuattroValvole was in production, but Ferrari was closing the gap very fast, so Lamborghini had to come with something new. The R&D department at Automobili Lamborghini SpA was urged to modify the Countach to keep it at the top of the super car market.

Toward the end of 1986 the Countach 7000 was presented, this very different looking Countach used a four-valve engine bored out to 7.1 Liter with twin-turbo chargers, pumping out a whopping 600 Bhp, instead of the 455 Bhp produced by the 'normal' 5 Liter QV engine. A top speed of 240 Mph was mentioned for this very special prototype.

But another big change was visible on the outside, the Countach was almost completely redesigned, the front received a new, deeper chin spoiler but the driving lights and pop-up headlight units remained. On the side of the car, new deep skirts were mounted to better integrate into the enlarged rear wheel moldings. Who now incorporated two big vertical air intakes, one to cool the massive, perforated rear disc brakes, the other to cool down the engine, together with altered air intakes on top op the rear shoulders, this would supply enough cold air into the engine compartment to keep the big V-12 at normal running temperatures.

The design of the upward opening door was slightly changed to allow full size side windows to be used, the back of this new Countach 7000 was completely redesigned too. Now a small spoiler was integrated into the bodywork, eliminating the need for the massive rear wing.

This drawing was however completely changed before Lamborghini built a running prototype, this running prototype became known as the Countach Restyling, which is also featured on these pages.

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Countach 7000 Prototype

March 15. 2005

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The Lamborghini Countach 7000 Twin-Turbo Prototype.

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