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Only in the United States can someone design this extravaganza, a Lamborghini Countach Limousine, totaling 6 Metres in length. This very special Countach was in fact nothing more than a rather poorly finished replica, and surely didn't use any original parts from the Italian based factory.

The bodywork was made up of fibreglass based on a standard size kit, the Ultra Limousine Corporation, in La Palma, California, enlarged the bodywork to 5.71 Metres. Dick Dean, a specialist welder, made the tubular steel chassis. This very special car used a Ford 2.8 Litre 6-cylinder engine, a very underpowered car all together, and the wheels were rather boring, old-fashioned multi-piece chromed ones, mounted with BF Goodrich tires instead of the famous Pirelli.

But the work that went into creating this one of a kind replica was enormous, when the bodywork was delivered, the specs were all wrong, the windshield spacing was almost disastrous, it just didn't fit and the glass had to be remade to get it into the space. The doors were too wide, they just wouldn't close, Vini Bergeman, owner of Ultra Limousine Corporation, had to rebuild them inside his own workshop. We can still see that none of the four doors really fit like the two doors on the original Countach, where only a space of 3 millimeters was allowed, all around the door.

But Vini did get the car completed and ready for the road. The front doors opened like on the original Lamborghini, up and forward, but the rear ones swing out a little, a large rear wing was installed on the engine cover, there was no rear trunk on this Limousine, just one big engine lid.

Vini did install side skirts between the front and rear wheels and an strange looking front wing was installed just in front of the driving lights. Dual electric sunroofs were installed in the roof of this car, just like on most limousines.

The interior was upholstered in beige leather, but the workmanship was really not up to the Lamborghini standards. The dashboard was poorly designed and used a big steering wheel borrowed from some US made car. This Countach Limousine used an automatic 3-speed transmission, two cellular phones were installed, one in front, one in the rear. At the far end of the car, a camera was mounted, coupled to a small screen in the dashboard to facilitate parking this rather big car. The rear compartment received a high-power Alpine stereo system, a television screen and a small VCR. Two cut crystal glasses were placed between the rear seats.

No performance figures were ever published and the price for this unique replica was kept a big secret, but I wouldn't want to be seen driving this beast, it's just plain ugly if you ask me.

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Countach Limousine

March 21. 2005

Text © Mark Smeyers

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The Lamborghini Countach Replica limousine.

The Lamborghini Countach Replica limousine.

Rear view of the Lamborghini Countach limousine replica

The interior of the Lamborghini Countach limousine ...

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