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TypeCountach LP400
Years builtApril 1974 - 1978
Production150 units
Chassisnr.112.0001 - 112.0300
PresentationMarch 1973 Geneva Auto Show
Type of carTwo door coupe, two seater berlinetta, horizontally hinged doors
Designed byMarcello Gandini for Bertone
Built byAutomobili Lamborghini SpA


Wheelbase2450 mm / 96.29 in
Overall length4140 mm / 162.7 in
Overall width1890 mm / 74.28 in
Overall height1070 mm / 42.05 in
Front track1500 mm / 58.95 in
Rear track1520 mm / 59.74 in
Ground clear.125 mm / 4.91 in
Front overhang933 mm / 36.67 in
Rear overhang757 mm / 29.75 in
Weight1065 kg / 2348 lbs
Distribution41/59% front / rear


StructureRound steel tubular spaceframe by Marchesi (40 mm tubes)
BodyAll aluminum panels
SuspensionAll-wheel independent, fully adjustable Front : unequal length A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks and anti-roll bar Rear : upper lateral links, lower reversed A-arms, upper & lower trailing arms, dual coil springs, dual shock absorbers and anti-roll bar
BrakesAll-wheel Girling disc brakes, vacuum assisted, single servo, twin circuit split front and rear
Front267 mm / 10.49 in
Rear267 mm / 10.49 in
Steering typeUnassisted rack and pinion, 3.1 turns lock to lock
Turning circle13 m / 43 ft
Front tyre size205/70 VR 14
Rear tyre size205/70 VR 14
TypeMichelin XWX
Front rim size7.5x14 inch
Rear rim size9.5x15 inch
TypeCampagnolo cast magnesium


TypeV-12 60 degree, light-alloy block with pressed-in liners mid mounted (longitudal), rear wheel drive
DistributionDual overhead camshafts, chain drive, two valves/cylinder
Main Bearings7
Cyl.Capacity3929 cc / 240 ci
Bore & stroke82 x 62 mm
Compr. Ratio10.5:1
Max.power375 Bhp at 8000 rpm
Max.torque365 Nm at 5000 rpm
Cooling systemPressurized, twin radiators, vertically mounted either side of engine, with cross-over connection
IgnitionTwo coils and two Marelli distributors
PlugsBosch 235 P21
Electr.system12 V
Alternator70 Amp
Fuel systemDual electric Bendix fuel pumps, 6 twin-choke Weber 45 DCOE 96/97 side draught carburetors
Fuel type100 Octane
Fuel cons.23 Lit/100 Km
LubricationWet sump


TypeLamborghini five-speed + reverse manual all-synchromesh driving to a Lamborghini limited-slip differential
ClutchFichtel & Sachs dry-single plate, hydraulically operated
Disc diameter241.3 mm / 9.48 in
1st gear ratio2.256:1Max speed93 Km/h / 58 Mph
2nd gear ratio1.769:1Max speed137 Km/h / 85 Mph
3rd gear ratio1.310:1Max speed167 Km/h / 104 Mph
4th gear ratio0.990:1Max speed249 Km/h / 155 Mph
5th gear ratio0.775:1Max speed316 Km/h / 196 Mph
Rev. gear ratio2.134:1  
Final drive ratio4.091:1


Top speed316 Km/h / 196 Mph
0 - 100 Km/h5.60 sec.
Standing Km25.20 sec.
1/4 Mile14.40 sec. reaching 105 Mph


Fuel120 Liter / 32 Gallon
Engine oil18 Liter / 5 Gallon
Cooling system17 Liter / 4 Gallon
Luggage240 Liter / 63 Gallon


European MSRP19,500,000 Lira (1976)
Current value$ 465,225 - $ 1,214,250
 This original narrow body Countach is probably the most highly sought after Countach model

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An amazing yellow Lamborghini Countach LP400, the first production model for the Countach range ... The Lamborghini Countach LP400, a very pure design from no matter what angle you admire it ... The Lamborghini Countach LP400 finished in bright red, note this is a rare RHD model ... Just imagine the looks on people when you pulled up in this Countach in the late Seventies ... A Lamborghini Countach looks like it's moving at top speed, even standing still ... Amazing side profile of a Lamborghini Countach, hard to imagine it's only slightly taller than 1 meter ... A very impressive view at the Lamborghini Countach LP400, a real classic these days ... From this angle the small window in the roof 'tunnel' is clearly visible ... A really nice tan interior inside a Countach LP400, note the early instruments on this car ... The by now classic Lamborghini Countach LP400 finished in an impressive black bodywork ...

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Countach LP400

May 8. 2015

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