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Countach LP500 S US prototype - the STORY

This car is actually the first LP500 S with US modifications, it was the Geneva Show car, after the show it was shipped to the US and received all modifications necessary to meet DOT and EPA standards in California.

This Countach was then tested and approved in Ann Arbor, Michigan, after six months in California the car was returned to the factory in Italy where is was to serve as the US prototype, the later actual US-Specifications Countach was closely based on this car, only the rear treatment was altered.

In 1986 it returned to the United States and was sold to a lucky customer, the color combination of silver metallic and blue leather interior was claimed to be unique until 1989.

An enthusiast acquired the car back in 1988 and used it mainly as a show car, occasionally displaying the car at various auto shows like the Monterrey Pebble Beach event. It was stored in a controlled environment since 1989 and only traveled to shows in an enclosed trailer, therefore this very rare Countach has only 13000 Km (about 8000 Miles) on the counter. This special Countach was sold in the United States after Lamborghini USA converted it from carburetors to an full electronic fuel injection.

Since this specific Countach is actually a one of a kind Lamborghini it would be a very nice addition to any collection, during late 2000 this car was for sale by the person who owned it since 1988.

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Countach LP500 S US prototype

March 11. 2005

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The extremely rare 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 S US Prototype.

The one and only 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 S US Prototype, chassisnumber : ZA9C00500CLA12507.

The first official fuel injected V12 engine for the Countach LP5000 S US Prototype.

This Countach LP500 S is actually the US-Specifications prototype from 1982, note the special rear treatment.

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