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Countach record car by Al Burtoni - the STORY

Al Burtoni in the United States created a Countach based race car, based on a 'normal' Countach QuattroValvole with chassis # 112.1002, this 5.2 Litre engined car could go up to 202 Mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats race track.

This speed was partly obtained due to the massive, deep front spoiler added by Mr Burtoni himself, also special chrome finished wheels were fitted coupled to a lower race type, adjustable suspension. The exterior rear view mirrors were removed but the adjustable rear spoiler remained installed.

Also note that the entire body was 'cleaned', the wheel arch extensions were removed and a new 'widebody' was mounted, special discs were mounted on the wheels to make them less intrusive on the very smooth airflow over this Countach.

Also note the 'high downforce' double wing rear aerofoil, the only item that truly interupts the otherwise very clean lines on this record breaking Lamborghini.

The late Jim Fueling (March 11. 1945 - December 6. 2002) actually drove this unique 5.2 Liter QuattroValvole Countach to a top speed of 201.793 Mph, a record for 'C' modified sports cars that was only recently broken after holding up for over ten years. Today this Hot Rod is making some public appearances at some of the most exotic car shows throughout the United States.

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Countach record car by Al Burtoni

March 22. 2005

Text © Mark Smeyers

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The 'one and only' Lamborghini Countach 'Salt Flats' record holding race car ...

Rear view of probably the only Countach to be able to reach a top speed of over 201 Mph.

Another look from the rear, note the glass part in the engine cover ...

Very clean bodywork, closed discs on the wheels ... a record breaking supercar.

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