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Countach Strohm replica - the STORY

This rather special replica was built by the German Strohm company, they called it the De Rella V6 Turbo, it was meant to look like a Lamborghini Countach QuattroValvole with some minor details added, like the special rear wing that wasn't like anything Automobili Lamborghini SpA offered at that time.

The name was based on the fact that this replica used the Renault Alpine A610 V6 engine with 250 Bhp on the rear wheels, some sources state the BBS wheels were also replica's which could very well be true, since they are no longer available at this time.

The top image shows one of the yellow Strohm replica's with the rear wing painted in the body color, other pictures on this page depict another yellow car were this spoiler was black, together with the front bumper and spoiler, which shows the fact that Strohm built these cars on customer demand, the future owner could specify just about anything on his replica.

These Strohm replica's are considered to be among the best Countach replica's available, note that these cars were never available as kit cars, you could only order the complete car in the early Nineties. On special demand 'your' car would be built by Strohm for a price around US $ 60,000, which was a rather high price considering the prices for a real Countach these days in Europe. Sources state about 10 to 30 cars may have been built during the Nineties, if Strohm still builds replica's these days is unknown to me.

At the time of writing (April 2001), the yellow and black cars on this page were for sale in Germany for a price of DM 60,000 and DM 99,000 respectively, which would make about US $ 36,000 for the yellow one and around $ 58,000 for the black one.

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Countach Strohm replica

April 7. 2001

Text © Mark Smeyers

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A magnificent yellow QuattroValvole replica, note the special rear wing, side skirts and the massive BBS wheels ...

A rear view of a yellow Strohm replica, note the black rear wing

Note the special design of the rear wing on this Strohm replica

The Strohm QuattroValvole replica, note the massive BBS wheels

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