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Diablo EVA 30 Special - the STORY

This highly customized Lamborghini Diablo is currently located in Japan, where it is known as the EVA 30 Special Diablo, apparently a modified model with an almost entirely new bodywork and massive five spoke RS wheels.

As far as I know this is a one of a kind car, this silver metallic one is the only one made, note how just about every part of this special Diablo has been personalized.

Let's start with the front, a massive, very deep spoiler has been moulded together with the front fenders, hopefully there aren't too many speed bumps in Japan. Also note the three lights mounted into this spoiler together with two air intakes next to the license plate holder.

The headlights have been replaced with very similar ones that Automobili Lamborghini SpA later used on the 1999 model, probably these were also taken from the Nissan 300ZX model, just in front of these new lights a large air intake was inserted, note on the close up photo there is no Lamborghini logo anymore.

If we take a look at the side of this Diablo there is a new intake mounted in front of the rear wheels featuring three vertical fins, but probably the most eye catching feature is the massive rear wing that's completely integrated into the rear section of this early Diablo model.

Talking about the rear section, a Strosek style rear bumper takes the place of the original one, with a massive central opening holding the quartet of thundering exhaust pipes, while a new section has been installed between the rear light units.

To finish the exterior changes a new engine cover was designed with two very large air intakes mounted on top of it, probably to cool down the tuned V12 engine, nothing is known about this engine at this time but I guess it has been tuned to keep up with the extreme looks of the car.

This very special Japanese Diablo has probably been based on an early pre-1993 Diablo, on some of the photo's the big dashboard cluster is visible which was used on the early Diablo model only, with the introduction of the Diablo VT this dashboard became much smaller.

Still this EVA 30 Diablo is very well worth taking a look at, not everybody was happy with the looks of the 'normal' Diablo, therefore tuned cars like this one or the Affolter modified ones are surely interesting, if only to show that some people will never be satisfied by a car someone else could also own, they will always try to have a 'personal' Diablo, at any price ...

Later this car was again highly modified, and finished in yellow, now using a front that would tilt up like on the Miura, in one massive part, and using a different headlight treatment ... very impressive.

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Diablo EVA 30 Special

April 12. 2001

Text © Mark Smeyers

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This highly customized Lamborghini Diablo is registered in Japan and known as the Diablo EVA 30 ...

The Lamborghini Diablo EVA 30 Special seen from the rear, note the massive rear wing ...

A close look at the customized front section on the one of a kind Lamborghini Diablo EVA 30 Special ...

The EVA30 when it was still finished in silver metallic, note the deep front spoiler and large rear wing ...

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