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Diablo GT2 (2002) - the STORY

Recently these photos were taken at the official museum located at the Lamborghini factory in Sant'Agata, they show us another Diablo GT2 model based on the 6.0 model.

At this moment it isn't known if this car is an evolution of the Diablo GTR model or if it's based on the VT model, what is evident though is the massive modifications done to the original model.

A massive, Carbon Fiber is mounted at the rear, similar to the one used on the GTR model, a completely new front bumper/spoiler combination is used, featuring large air intakes and a tow ring. Also note the GT-alike front hood, now with fast fixing screws and the usual race derived cut off switch near the windscreen.

Naturally a fast refueling system like the one seen on the Diablo GTR has been installed, together with never before seen round air intakes on the engine cover. On the photo's there are protected with red covers to prevent dust and other possible destructive material from entering these intakes.

This Diablo GT2 also features Plexiglas side windows with small sliding parts, a full roll cage inside and naturally only one seat with multi-point racing harness.

Furthermore the entire interior has been stripped from all unneeded upholstery, the steering column is clearly visible and a digital display has been installed instead of the speedometer. Also note the typical race-style switches on the central console.

All in all this looks like one hell of a fast Diablo, if anyone actually knows more details about this car please let me know.

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Diablo GT2 (2002)

June 20. 2006

Text © Mark Smeyers

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This very special Lamborghini Diablo could be seen at the factory museum these days, a highly tuned race car.

Full frontal view of the Lamborghini Diablo race car built in 2002, note the smooth front bumper ...

Fast fuel filler, massive Carbon Fiber rear wing and special air intakes on top of the engine cover ...

Lightweight side windows with sliding section hide a rather spartan interior inside this Diablo GT2 ...

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