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Diablo S-SV - the STORY

The unique Lamborghini seen here was delivered from the factory as a 'normal' Diablo SV but apparently the current owner wanted to create something special, so he started working on a way to improve the looks of this magnificent car.

The massive work performed on this Diablo really shows, the ultra deep front spoiler in a totally new design uses three large air intakes, with the outer ones also holding four extra lights. Also note the Diablo 6.0 VT style turn signals mounted in front of the exposed headlights, these headlights are actually dual round xenon units, installed in Carbon Fiber surroundings.

The final touch to the front was mounting a special black DTM-lip underneath the spoiler, making it look even more aggressive, this little feature will make life even harder when negotiating speed bumps on the open road.

The wheels used on this very special Diablo were taken from the standard SV model, but especially at the rear the outer rim was enlarged, creating a very 'deep dish' style wheel, extremely nice and ultra-wide looking, because of this modification to the rear rims the wheel arches needed to be widened too.

Now they could have opted for a treatment similar to the Countach back in it's days, with a special flare added, but this Diablo S-SV received a much more impressive solution, the rear wheel arches were enlarged, but still retain the original design, just a lot wider, at the same time the air intakes in front of these rear wheels were replaced with SE-style units, also used on the Diablo SV Monterey Edition.

This must have been a great deal of work to get right, but the result was worth it, the impression is there but it doesn't interfere with the overall look in any way, very nicely done.

Naturally the SV style engine cover remained on the Diablo, the style of which neatly fits in with the rest of the car, but what really grabs your attention at the rear is the massive, twin rear wing with a Carbon Fiber top section. Note the outer tips of the lower wing reach forward, a very nice styling touch.

The SV style fuel cap remained on the car but the exhaust system has been modified, the four massive pipes emerging from underneath the rear bumper had a larger diameter when compared to the original ones, and when accelerating the Diablo S-SV emits an equally impressive sound, very low and raw, creating goose bumps when standing too close ...

Finished in this stunning 30th Anniversary Lavender metallic, the Diablo S-SV by PAA Motorsport really looks great, the car has a very impressive, road-hugging appearance from just about every angle, the extremely deep front section and the massive rear wing look as if they were meant to be there from the start, also the very deep rear wheels are stunning.

If you would like to have your own Diablo modified in a similar way, you can contact PAA Motorsport in Germany directly at this address :

PAA Motorsport
Thomas Paa
Hetzmannsdorf 20, 92444 Rötz, Germany
Phone : +49 9976 1630, Fax : +49 9976 2176

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Diablo S-SV

March 17. 2007

Text © Mark Smeyers

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The amazing lavendar metallic Lamborghini Diablo S-SV by PAA Motorsport ...
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A stunning rear wing was mounted by PAA Motorsport on this lavendar metallic Diablo S-SV ...
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A totally different front treatment on this Diablo S-SV by PAA Motorsport in Germany ...
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Take a look at those massive exhaust pipes, totally in style with the rest of this awesome Diablo S-SV ...
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