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Automobili Lamborghini SpA had built the Diablo SV-R type for the Phillipe Charriol Trophy series, details on these high-power race cars can be found on our Diablo SVR page, unfortunately only a limited amount of SVR were built in those days, most sources state about 30, and only a handful of these cars were later converted to road use.

These 'road legal' cars were however modified by external companies, not by the Lamborghini factory, but some very wealthy customers were able to convince Automobili Lamborghini SpA to build them a road-legal, factory edition of the SVR, called the Diablo SVS models.

Worldwide only two or three of these Diablo SVS models were built, with the same highly tuned engine, gearbox and suspension settings as a Diablo SVR race car but with a completely normal interior finished in alcantara just like on the Diablo SV.

These Diablo SVS models used custom OZ multi-piece wheels with a similar design as seen on the early SVR, later the SVR used mono block wheels but at the first presentation these OZ wheels were mounted.

The car on this page was located in Germany at the time of writing, and the lucky owner had it customized with Strosek front light units which add a little more aggressively to the overall look of this stunning car.

I know about a second Diablo SVS, finished in white over a black interior that was sold to a Japanese collector, if there was a third car, and how it was finished isn't totally sure, but if you know more about these rare Diablo SVS models, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Diablo SVS

June 25. 2006

Text © Mark Smeyers

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One of only three Lamborghini Diablo SVS, the limited edition road version of the Diablo SVR.

A look at the Diablo SVS, the massive exhausts and special OZ-wheels are the major exterior difference to an SV.

A close look at the front spoiler of the Diablo SVS, note the Strosek styled front lights.

The Lamborghini Diablo SVS received the same special OZ-Racing F1-type wheels as the SVR.

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