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This very special Lamborghini started life as just another Diablo VT, straight from the factory in one single color, just like the next Diablo, which could be parked around the corner, now some Lamborghini owner's might not have the slightest problem with that, but some people do, they would rather prefer something special, something unique ... a one of a kind Diablo.

There are several different ways to achieve this, the Diablo VT on this page is an example of one of these ways, by using a very personal paint job.

The Lamborghini featured here actually had a rather unfortunate accident, an engine fire destroyed nearly half of the car, especially the rear was completely destroyed by this fire, because most of the rear parts had to be replaced, the decision was taken to mount a new SV style engine cover. Which most people find more aggressive than the original VT style one, to continue this modification the adjustable rear wing was also installed on this special car.

This car also received special detailing inside the engine compartment, note the intake manifolds have a mirror like finish, while the Lamborghini logo was painted blue to complement the main exterior color of this Diablo VT eXtreme, which is based on an 1995 VT, note that actually all the aluminium and stainless parts of the engine have been polished into an extremely high gloss chrome like finish.

At the moment these photo's were taken, the car was still being finished, an high-end audio-video system was being designed, while the possibility of a Supercharger or Wet Nitrous system was still being considered because other than the polishing, the engine was still a stock model.

Maybe not everybody would like a Diablo finished like this, but remember that some people who actually are fortunate enough to own a car like this could very well be living right next door to someone with exactly the same one, now wouldn't that be frustrating, therefore it is always nice to see how these people try to set their car apart from the rest, and I must admit the finish in this paint job is magnificent.

This very special Lamborghini was sold during 2002 and the current owner was thinking about putting some more power into this Diablo, perhaps by turbocharging or perhaps a supercharger, looks and speed, what more could you want ?

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Diablo VT eXtreme

June 6. 2005

Text © Mark Smeyers

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