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LamboDVD : The Lamborghini experience, 40 years of excellence

The Lamborghini DVD
The Lamborghini Experience is the definitive DVD that tells the 40 year history of the car and the creative force behind it.

From the original inspiration, to the modern factory of today, you will relive the history of Lamborghini with those who witnessed it firsthand.
With over 2 1/2 hours of original, never before seen footage, this DVD is your passport to the exclusive world of Lamborghini.

When Ferruccio Lamborghini startled the automotive world with his 350GTV prototype in 1963, it signaled the beginning of an era - the era of The Bull.
In the spring of 2003, hundreds of Lamborghini owners, their cars and other special guests were invited to an exclusive celebration in Italy.
Now, you have a backstage pass to all of the events that took place on that special weekend: Lamborghini's 40th Anniversary.

Take a front seat at the Vairano Race Circuit where over 100 Lamborghinis from every era let it all hang out!
Go on a tour of the Sant'Agata factory and see Murcielagos and Gallardos being assembled.
Then take a private tour of two Lamborghini museums, where cars, engines and other important facets of the company's history are displayed like fine art. You'll get to see everything, as it happened, where it happened!

The Lamborghini DVD
We're also honored to bring you a rare and exclusive interview with "Mr. Lamborghini" Valentino Balboni. Valentino Balboni has been with Lamborghini since 1968.
He started as an apprentice mechanic and worked his way up to become Lamborghini's Chief Test Driver.
Balboni has test driven over 80% of the Lamborghinis ever produced. He was close to Lamborghini's founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini and has seen the company evolve through the decades.
His unique insight into the history of the cars and the company is truly priceless.
The main feature of the DVD includes a ride with him down the "Balboni Highway" in a Countach at nearly 180 miles per hour! Also included in the DVD, is the full, uncut interview with Mr. Balboni.

Travel to Road Atlanta, where Robert Ball, owner of Supercars, puts his 841 horsepower modified 30th Anniversary Diablo through its paces at the Road Atlanta race track.
Oh, and you'll also meet three of the most stunningly beautiful women west of Italy as they pose in and around some of Ferruccio's greatest creations, we call them the Lambo Angels!

Whether you own a Lamborghini, or are one of the millions who dream of someday owning one, this is your ticket to an exclusive club. Welcome to the "The Lamborghini Experience!"

Please visit the LamboDVD.com website for more information on this Lamborghini movie, you can even download a very nice trailer showing you some of the footage you can expect to see featured on the DVD itself ...
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This is a very impressive movie featuring the most magnificent cars that were built in the Sant'Agata factory, a visit to this legendary factory and never seen material featuring the late Ferruccio Lamborghini are only a few of the highlights in this professional production.
If you are a Lamborghini enthusiast you should add this unique work of art to your collection of automobilia.
Mark Smeyers, webmaster Lamborghini Cars.

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