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Gallardo by Hamann Motorsport GmbH - the STORY

All around the world, Hamann Motorsport GmbH is a very well known tuner, but they didn't try their magic on the Lamborghini brand yet ... until now.

The stunning Lamborghini Gallardo seen on this page is the result of a lot of hard work in Germany, the home base of Hamann Motorsport, and it is stunning, trust me.

A small list of the modifications executed by Hamann :

Aerodynamics : the front spoiler, which can be ordered in either a fiberglass or a Carbon-Kevlar edition, the side skirts, a magnificent three piece rear wing, the rear diffuser, special air intakes on the sides and the air scoops on the 'shoulders' ... all parts are available in both Fiberglass or Carbon-Kevlar version, so you have a choice which material would look best on your specific Gallardo.

But let's take a look at those fabulous wheels, Hamann 19-inch, multi-piece, light alloy units in a special 'Design Anniversary II' multi-spoke design, finished in silver with a highly polished outer rim. The front of the Gallardo can mount 9 inch wide, while the rear axle can receive massive 12 inch wide wheels, with 235/35 ZR19 and 295/30 ZR 19 rubber to front and rear.

But that's not all, the best is yet to come, a special Hamann exhaust system with two 'Sport' rear silencers to the left and the right of the Gallardo, both sides having dual exhausts in 76mm diameter, but there are also 'Sport' steel catalysts available, when mounting both Hamann systems you actually gain 28 Hp and have a torque increase of about 50 Nm ... and naturally all this will result in a stunning sound !

For more information and prices, please feel free to contact the friendly sales staff at Hamann Motorsport GmbH, on this official website you'll also be also to find a local dealer which is authorized to distribute these magnificent parts for your Lamborghini Gallardo.

If you take a look at their website, you'll be able to find some stunning Porsche and BMW cars, with upwards-sideways opening doors, perhaps an idea for the Gallardo ? Wouldn't it be nice to have Murciélago style doors on the Gallardo too ... let's wait and see if the people at Hamann don't come up with the same idea.

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Gallardo by Hamann Motorsport GmbH

September 6. 2008

Text © Mark Smeyers

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The Lamborghini Gallardo, after Hamann Motorsport GmbH worked their magic on it ... stunning !

Side view of the Hamann Gallardo, take a look at those 'Anniversary II' wheels ...

Intimidating front view of the Hamann Gallardo, note the Carbon-Kevlar finish on the front spoiler ...

Full side view of the Hamann tuned Lamborghini Gallardo, note the 'shield' behind the front wheel ...

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