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Gallardo GT3 Strada by Reiter Engineering - the STORY

We've all been looking at the Gallardo GT3 Race version by Reiter Engineering, only too bad this car isn't street legal ... well there is a solution now, the Gallardo GT3 'Street Version', with a similar visual impact as the full blood race car, but totally drivable on the open road.

The front fenders are replaced by Reiter versions which are 30mm wider and actually bolt on the same place as the factory original ones, no drilling or modifying anything, which also means you can take them off again if you ever sell the Lamborghini. The sills on the side are made of Carbon Fiber just like that magnificent rear wing, almost a work of art, which again replaces the small wing found on the factory car, there is no need to perform any modifications to the bodywork of your Gallardo.

But arguably the best looking part of the Gallardo GT3 Street Version is that stunning front spoiler which features those awesome 'shark' style air ducts on the side.

But just take a second look at that exhaust system ... if you can find it. It is now housed between the taillights, no longer twin pipes at either end of the car, but a beautifully designed central exhaust, which not only looks great, but gives you about 12 hp extra ... and still uses the original catalyst to comply with exhaust regulations all over the world.

Don't like the original wheels ? No problem, mount the 'Aleo' from Reiter, front 10x19 inch while the rear gets 11x19 inch units with Michelin Pilot II tires, 265/30-19 at the front and 285/30-19 at the rear.

An issue when buying a Lamborghini could be your physical length, of you're too tall you just don't fit ... but Reiter Engineering has an answer, great looking race style bucket seats covered in the best leather, and they can cope with persons up to 200 cm tall, so you can fit behind that alcantara steering wheel with an amazing Carbon Fiber insert at the bottom...

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Gallardo GT3 Strada by Reiter Engineering

October 14. 2009

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The Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 'Street Version', made by world famous Reiter Engineering ...

Magnificent racing seats inside the Gallardo GT3 'Street Version', these can take drivers up to 200 cm tall ...

The Gallardo GT3 on display during the official Reiter Engineering introduction ...

A close look at the stunning Carbon Fiber rear wing mounted on the Gallardo GT3 Street Version ...

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