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ItalCarDesign already made the magnificent Gallardo LM edition, but now they went one step further with the Gallardo GT shown on this page.

This orange metallic Lamborghini is a long way from when it left the factory, ItalCarDesign mounted an impressive front spoiler that looks somewhat like the Concept S front spoiler. The angular rear wing made it's appearance on this Gallardo GT too, together with an awesome rear diffuser and four angular exhaust pipes, put some dark tinting on the taillights and mount that Miura style engine cover and you've got a Gallardo that stands out.

With engine tuning up to 565 hp, you're sure those massive wheels (20 inch tall) won't slow you down a bit, 235/30 ZR20 at the front and wide 305/25 ZR 20 at the rear courtesy of Continental puts a lot of rubber on the tarmac, and with the color coded outer rim, they look like they were meant to be there all along.

But ItalCarDesign didn't stop there ... they also mounted their 'papilon' doors on the Gallardo GT, these doors open up and sideways at the same time, creating an impression of a bird spreading it's wings ... a nice step away from the Lamborghini style doors everyone is mounting on their tuned cars these days.

The Gallardo GT Sport is a great looking car, much more aggressive than the original Gallardo, if you're into tuning, this GT is probably one of the best around today.

More information on this very special Gallardo GT Sport edition is available directly from ItalCarDesign, on their official site you'll also find their tuning program for the Murciélago and other versions based on the Lamborghini Gallardo.

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Gallardo GT Sport by ItalCarDesign

September 6. 2008

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A very impressive view of the Lamborghini Gallardo GT Sport by ItalCarDesign, note the Miura style engine cover.

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A front look at the Gallardo GT Sport, note the impressive front spoiler on this custom car.

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