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Gallardo GTV by IMSA - the STORY

IMSA is a new player on the Lamborghini tuning scene, and their first model made a big impression ... take a look at their Gallardo GTV evolution.

We're back at putting wide wheel arches on cars, the time when German tuner Koenig or Rieger were the 'masters' in this area is long gone, several tuners offer 'wide' versions of their body kits, and IMSA now offers a wide body kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo.

By the way, IMSA GmbH is a creation of the German Kleemann distributor ... don't know Kleemann ? Kleemann is a company from Denmark that offers high end tuning for Mercedes models, complete with Lamborghini style doors actually.

So IMSA GmbH wanted to impress those customers who think a Kleemann Mercedes is too soft (?!) ... how could you do that ? A good way to start is to take a Lamborghini Gallardo and build a very special body kit around it, complete with very wide fenders, large wheels and a massive rear wing.

The visual attraction of the Gallardo GTV is massive, you can't just walk by a Lamborghini, let alone a tuned one like the IMSA model, and thanks to the high level of expertise, both from Lamborghini and IMSA, this car performs worthy of it's looks too.

The rather complex V10 engine still uses day to day technology, it is still an engine right, so IMSA tuned it to pump out a healthy 600 Bhp, creating more than enough reserve for even the most demanding driver on the public roads.

Quality control and fine-tuning of this power plant is fully controlled by computers, similar to those used for Formula One cars ... the customer can even follow the progress of 'his' car online !

The overall design of the original body remains visible in this wide body kit, naturally the fenders are wider and the air intakes larger, but they still follow the lines of the Gallardo ... only the rear wing has grown quite a bit into a full free standing model.

Stunning 'twin-spoke' multipiece wheels are mounted by IMSA, these feature a central locking system by the way and cover large disc brakes with 8-piston calipers at the front and 6 piston calipers at the rear, all held firmly on the tarmac by a fully adjustable sports suspension that is finely tuned to the specifications of the customer.

With all those sporty looks on the outside one might forget that the interior boasts the finest leather combined with Alcantara, details in aluminum and Carbon Fiber are naturally present too, just like the customer ordered it.

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Gallardo GTV by IMSA

May 29. 2006

Text © Mark Smeyers

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