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Gallardo Miami by ItalCarDesign - the STORY

Say you like the Gallardo SE, but perhaps it is not yet 'rough' enough, or it's sold out ... no problem, head towards ItalCarDesign in Switzerland and ask for the Gallardo Miami edition.

The very special Gallardo Miami features a black finished roof, engine cover and special wheels. The latter being the normal Gallardo wheels or custom wheels that can be finished color coded to the car. Also the ItalCarDesign custom engine cover is available for the Miami, in Miura style, and the angular style rear wing.

It all depends on what the customer wants, or what his budget is.

ItalCarDesign also offers engine tuning for the Lamborghini V10 unit, a power output of 540 to 565 hp is possible, combine this with the very special looks of combining black and bright yellow or white and you've got a Gallardo that will be noticed ...

More information on these very special Gallardo Miami editions is available directly from ItalCarDesign, on their official site you'll also find their tuning program for the Murciélago and other versions based on the Lamborghini Gallardo.

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Gallardo Miami by ItalCarDesign

September 6. 2008

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A Lamborghini Gallardo Miami finished in bright yellow, this car was tuned to 540bhp ...

This white Lamborghini Gallardo Miami by ItalCardesign has a V10 with an output of no less than 560 hp.

ItalCarDesign's Lamborghini Gallardo Miami, note the red interior inside this car.

A combination of black and white, you don't get any more contrast than this ...

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