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Gallardo SE700 by Boxter - the STORY

Until recently Boxter, located in Poland, mainly offered aerodynamic parts for Porsche and Mercedes, but at the 2013 Essen Motor Show the owner showed a magnificent grey metallic Lamborghini Gallardo ... called the SE700.

The Lamborghini Gallardo Boxter Car Design shows a complete restyle of the original V10 model from Sant'Agata, Boxter calls it the SE700 and a lot of the styling can be traced back to the current Lamborghini flagship, the Aventador LP700-4.

However Boxter didn't create an Aventador replica on their Gallardo, but instead took the styling from the V12 model and altered it to look good on the smaller V10 Bull ... I guess you either love it or hate it, but you have to admit the work that went into creating the Gallardo SE700 must have been enormous.

Up front the entire front bumper is replaced with a new unit, showing a similar, triangular section above the Raging Bull crest, just like on the Aventador. While the front is angled in the same way the air intakes are different, with a dual look black fin on the side and lower fins underneath both inlets while the side of this new front bumpers shows air vents ... just above these side mounted outlets a crease begins that runs straight into the front fenders that are in fact 6cm wider than the original units.

Both the front bumper and the front fenders totally replace the original Gallardo units by the way while a new front hood shows some intricate design to mimic vents and wraps around the more recent LP560-4 headlight units (this specific Gallardo was a 2006 model with the larger headlights).

Back to the sides where we encounter a black section just behind the front wheels that proudly wears the Boxter crest while special panels on top of the original Gallardo door introduce another crease line running into the larger air intake in front of the rear wheels ... this door panel also widens into an impressive rear fender holding a massive Aventador style air inlet.

Boxter also mounted an air vent in front of the rear wheel, styled similar to the Aventador vent but still different enough to notice, also the side skirt is not the same one as seen on the V12 model ... but it does remind us of it ... instead of the usual Superleggera decal on the door Boxter went for a more related 'Car Design' and 'Boxter' script on the door running into the wide intake.

Note the entire rear fender is also a lot wider than the factory original Gallardo unit, it runs straight into a completely new rear panel/bumper section ... again it looks like the Aventador styling but it still shows various differences to make it unique. The lower rear diffuser does in fact look like an Aventador replica ... and the special exhaust tip that holds four round exhaust pipes is in fact an original Aventador unit.

Boxter installs a matte black rear wing on 'open' struts, the design flows in perfect harmony with the new rear section which at this time holds Gallardo LP560 taillights ... but the owner intends to replace these with factory original Aventador units ... might be expensive, but it will transform the look at the back of this Gallardo SE700 completely.

This Gallardo SE700 Boxter is actually rolling on genuine Lamborghini Aventador Iperione wheels ... these aren't replica wheels, they are the real deal ... fitted with Michelin tires at the rear in massive 325mm wide Boxter did have to install spacers on the Gallardo axle to move them in the right position inside the new, much wider rear fender.

Now you might wonder why Boxter calls this the Gallardo SE700 ... simple, because the V10 now delivers 700hp thanks to engine tuning, so not only does this V10 try to mimic the Aventador LP700-4 ... she delivers the same amount of power too.

So how about pricing? If you bring your Gallardo to the Boxter workshop in Poland ... or London ... or Stuttgart (there are three authorized installation facilities) you can drive away in a completely finished Gallardo SE700 wearing the full Boxter aerodynamic kit (front bumper, front hood, front fenders, door panels, side skirts, rear fenders, rear fascia, lower rear diffuser, rear wing, Aventador Iperione wheels and the Aventador exhaust tip) note the engine tuning up to 700hp is not included in this price ... however spray painting and installation is ... all for €45,000.

UPDATE: note the company is now called Suhorovsky Design and can be contacted by mail on

Suhorovsky Design Sp. z o.o.
Kolejowa 48,
58-340 Głuszyca
Phone (+48) 74 845 99 31

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Gallardo SE700 by Boxter

December 1. 2013

Text © Mark Smeyers

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Boxter doesn't leave one panel on the Lamborghini Gallardo untouched, this SE700 looks a lot like the V12 Aventador sibling
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Rear view of the Lamborghini Gallardo SE700 by Boxter, the taillights will be changed in to Aventador units later on.
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The exhaust tip on this Gallardo SE700 by Boxter is actually a genuine Aventador unit.
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A close look at the very special front bumper mounted by Boxter on the Lamborghini Gallardo SE700
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