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During the weekend of May 2nd to May 4th, the Lamborghini Club Italia organized 'Il Raduno Romano', a special event which was open to both members of the Club Italia as well as members of international Lamborghini clubs, it promised to become a very interesting gathering of Lamborghini's, most of them would later drive to the factory in Sant'Agata to participate in the official 40th Anniversary celebration.

On Friday, May 2nd the participants would check-in at the 'Hotel Cavalieri Hilton', which overlooks Rome, while in the early afternoon a welcome lunch at 'la Pergola' was available, located on the last floor of the hotel it offers a panoramic view of the magnificent Roman cityscape outlining the most beautiful domes and monuments.

During the afternoon some time was on hand to do some shopping in the heart of Rome, a very interesting and worth while experience, although the evening brought something at least equally nice, an informal dinner at the 'Miraggio' restaurant, located in the heart of Trastevere which offers all the glory of traditional and local cooking.

The next day, a choice was available, either you went shopping again or you could join a guided visit to the 'Musei Vaticani', where a tour was offered either in Italian or in English.

Toward the evening one of the main events happened, driving all the Lamborghini's gathered in Rome to the 'Villa Miani', a stunning Italian residence dating back to the 9th century, when it was built for the Counts Miani, located on the Monte Mario hill, near the San Peter's Dome.

From the middle of a magnificent garden, you were offered an unique panoramic view of Rome in all it's glory.

This very nice location could only be reached by a private street that ran through an ancient park for 1 km, a very privileged environment for celebrating events such as 'II raduno romano' and the 40th anniversary of 'Automobili Lamborghini', in memory of the great Ferruccio.

The evening would be concluded with a group photo and naturally an aperitif and a magnificent gala dinner that offered a great surprise for all guests and ended in a dance that would lead into the night accompanied by an orchestra.

Sunday morning would offer a drive into the famous streets of Rome, with stops in some of the most important squares of the capital, the route was a surprise, but went through streets and squares no one would have imagined were possible to drive through in a 'Lamborghini', this drive would last about two hours, after which most cars went back on their way to the motorway, probably on their way to Sant'Agata or Bologna.

Note : the information presented on this page was largely supplied by the Lamborghini Club Italia, for more information about this magnificent event, please don't hesitate to contact the Lamborghini Club Italia directly.

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Il Raduno Romano

May 5. 2003

Text © Mark Smeyers

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