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Lamborghini Classic Club Germany meeting - the STORY

Thanks to Markus and Roland, two great Lamborghini enthusiasts, Lamborghini Cars is able to offer you an overview of the cars that were present during a meeting organized by the Lamborghini Classic Club in Germany, this meeting took place on Friday, May 21. in Tittling, a small village about 30 km from Passau in the Bavarian Forest.

There were about 50 cars and we will give a short list of some of the special ones that were present, like the Paa Motorsport Diablo SSV, very nice, exotic and unique. The owner is still Mr. Thomas Paa from Rötz/Cham, and he's very nice and answered the visitors all kinds of questions (and there were dozens around his car, as he showed the interior and the engine). Some facts on his stunning Diablo are : MY 1998, 550 hp, top speed of 335 km/h, actual worth 120.000 Euro (but he doesn't want to sell it anyway).

There was also a brutal looking orange Diablo 6.0 GTR ... replica. It has an engine-cover with double air-intakes mounted instead of the single air-intake (normally used by the Diablo GT / GTR model). The driver is, if we're not completely wrong, the owner of a big car-house in Passau (VW, Audi) who actually also owned a yellow Diablo SE30 Jota which was crashed back in 2002. My guess is that there are two options, either he had the Jota rebuilt but used a Diablo GTR body on it, or he mounted the engine in a Diablo GTR model, thus forcing the use of the Jota engine cover too, it still looks awesome anyway !

A dark blue/violet Diablo 6.0 GT, a real one, number 43 of 80 produced, a very nice and precious looking rare Diablo owned by a German enthusiast.

Among the other Diablo present were a rare Diablo SE30 in a rather unique color, a black Diablo with a GT label, but that's all it was, a label. It did however have an SV engine-cover, Diablo VT 6.0 rims, carbon-rear-spoiler, carbon-diffuser and a GT-rear-cover, overall a nice looking combination.

Two yellow Diablo SV were present, one with a big GTR-spoiler and a second one from a local dealer, this latter one was actually for sale, it's a MY2000 that's priced at 114,900 Euro.

A very nice dark blue/violet Diablo Roadster MY99 also showed up, it was equipped with a yellow leather interior and drove down from Switzerland, a very nice looking car.

Naturally there were several more Diablo present, some 2wd models and some VT models, but also the very special, blue Silhouette from Berlin with the 'Urraco 3000' label and the special air intakes in the bodywork, according to the lucky owner these custom intakes were created by the factory.

Other 'bulls' included no less than 3 LM002 models (two in black, one in silver) and approximately 9 – 11 Countach’s (5000 S, QV, 25th). One in white, about 4 in black, the rest in red. The Countach is still the most impressive and exotic car ever built in large numbers, the design is just out of this world, a big thank you to Bertone, thank you Mr. Gandini.

On a more classic note there was a red Espada (Series III US-model) and 3 Jarama, a red one, a black one and a blue one, the two former being S-specs cars while the blue one was a first series GT model.

Naturally the new Gallardo was displayed too, approximately 5 or 6 units (in black, yellow and red bodywork). One of the yellow ones even had some sponsor decals on it. Another one had a really brutal sounding sport-exhaust on it. Illegal perhaps, but with an awesome sound, sadly only one yellow Murciélago arrived.

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Lamborghini Classic Club Germany meeting

May 22. 2004

Text © Markus Kupfer

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A small overview of the various Lamborghini models present during the meeting ...

The magnificent Lamborghini Diablo SSV, tuned by PAA Motorsports, a stunning and very impressive car ...

Rear view of a Diablo GTR ? It has a Diablo SE30 Jota engine and air intakes/engine cover mounted ... there is even a small 'JOTA' scripting visible.

A stunning Diablo GT finished in a rare blue shade metallic, also note the nice Countach in front of it ...

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