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Pirelli's Italia Zandvoort - the STORY

During a late June weekend, the famous Pirell's Italia à Zandvoort was held, gathering thousands of Italian car enthusiasts on the famous circuit of Zandvoort in The Netherlands.

Naturally this event gathers a lot of Ferrari fans, since the weekend also features six 'all' Ferrari races featuring models like the 360 Modena, also some Alfa Romeo racing happened during this fun packed weekend.

But also a nice gathering of Lamborghini models was present on the paddock area, ranging from the classic 400 GT 2+2, the Miura, Countach, Diablo and even a Murciélago.

Unfortunately the space reserved for these great vehicles wasn't really adequate for the number of cars that arrived in Zandvoort, as you can clearly see from these photo's, some cars, like these two Countach couldn't even be unloaded from their trailer.

But that didn't stop the large numbers of people that took the drive up to Zandvoort to enjoy them to the fullest, it doesn't happen everyday that you can glance at such a selection of great Lamborghinis.

As usual on and around the paddock a lot of small stands were put up that sold all kinds of Italian car automobilia ranging from the usual scale models up to the rare brochures featuring the cars that could be admired on the paddock.

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Pirelli's Italia Zandvoort

June 30. 2003

Text © Mark Smeyers

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Two classic Lamborghini, an early 400 GT 2+2 and a Countach LP400 S series, both an icon of automotive art.

Two Lamborghini Countach models on a trailer, one with a rear spoiler, the other one without the massive wing.

The rather 'cramped' Lamborghini stand during Pirelli's Italia à Zandvoort 2003.

The magnificent Lamborghini Murciélago, here a silver metallic one during Pirelli's Italia à Zandvoort 2003.

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