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Running of the Bulls - the STORY

Running of the Bulls is an event put on by Exclusive, Inc. and the California Highway Patrol, as a fundraiser for the CHP 11-99 Foundation, a charity which helps members of the CHP and their families. The event started with a reception on August 16th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach, CA and then a drive from Newport Beach up to Monterey, CA for the Concorso Italiano.

This year roughly 70 Lamborghini Diablos participated in the event.

And last but not least, a real life Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary, owned by none other than Mario Andretti, could be won by buying a lottery ticket.

A collection of this size is a true experience for just about everybody, and to keep everything going the way it should, an equally large number of CHP policemen were assembled.

A drive with all these Lamborghini's would bring the cars finally to the 21st annual Lamborghini National Meet in Monterey California, were this gathering of mostly Diablo's would line up with several other Lamborghini's and Italian car makes to celebrate the 2000 Miura Reunion meeting.

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Running of the Bulls

August 21. 2000

Text © Mark Smeyers

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About 50 Lamborghini Diablo's neatly lined up outside the Four Seasons Hotel in California.

Diablos everywhere, VT, SV, Roadster ... they were all there for the Running of the Bulls

A look through the windscreen of a Diablo SV Monterey Edition while following another Diablo.

The owners of this stunning yellow Diablo Roadster Momo Edition, truly a magnificent convertible.

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