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The GTR SuperTrophy in Germany - the STORY

On July 7 to 9, 2000, the Diablo GTR SuperTrophy was held in Germany, more precise on the famous NürnburgRing, during this race a gathering of the International Lamborghini owners Club and the Lamborghini Classic Club was organized.

A rather large collection of different Lamborghinis were present, some LM002's were shown together with some very nice Diablo GT's could be admired, but naturally the main event was the race with the extremely fast Diablo GTR's.

Only 30 of these race-Diablo's have been made, but when you take a look at the race, you wouldn't say these cars are so rare, the pressure is high and racing can get rather close at some corners ...

For a more complete look at the different Diablo GTR's that raced on Nurnburg, please take a look at the Diablo GTR page on this site.

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The GTR SuperTrophy in Germany

July 10. 2000

Text © Mark Smeyers

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A bright red Lamborghini LM002, a V12 off-road vehicle ... Italian style ...

The Lamborghini Diablo GT, the road-going version of the GTR race car.

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