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Viva Italia 2001 - the STORY

On June 4th 2001, the Lamborghini Club Nederland and VDB-Promotions organized the by now famous Viva Italia event on the TT circuit in Assen, The Netherlands, again this single day event became one of the major Italian Car events.

This year a very impressive collection of about 40 Lamborghinis were present, together with a massive series of Ferrari's, Maserati's, Alfa's, Lancia's, Iso's and a gathering of other various Italian car and bike marques.

Some extremely rare Lamborghinis were present, the brand new Diablo SE 6-Liter even won the Concours d'Elegance in his category, the car that was shown was in fact the number 1 production car in Oro Elios. This car came directly from the factory in Italy and was accompanied by none other than Valentino Balboni, who was on the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand all day, if he wasn't driving on the circuit that is.

Another interesting Diablo was a rare Koenig Special finished in red, a complete bodykit and tuned engine gave this car the extra edge on the circuit, although some nice Diablo SE's and Countach's could keep up with it on the famous TT track.

Some of the more classic Lamborghini models were also shown, a stunning Islero with a white leather interior, three Jaramas and an Espada, naturally the Jalpa was also shown, a black one with rare Silhouette wheels, a few Countach's but one car was high above the rest of the Lamborghini's, a massive LM002 from Germany stood proud between the other models.

Just like last year it was possible to take your Lamborghini out for a spin on the circuit, also visitors were able to experience the thrill of sitting in the passenger seat while the car was racing down the straight at high speed, an awesome feeling ...

If you are a Lamborghini owner and would like to share your car together with other proud Lamborghini owners during the Viva Italia event next year, please don't hesitate to contact the Lamborghini Club Nederland

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Viva Italia 2001

June 5. 2001

Text © Mark Smeyers

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The Diablo SE 6.0, the winner of the Concours d'Elegance in the 'Sports' category at the 2001 Viva Italia.

The magnificent Diablo Koenig Special, not too many were ever built with this bodykit, it's very impressive ...

The Diablo Koenig Special in front of some of the other models while taking a spin on the famous TT circuit ...

A custom Countach QuattroValvole, note the special engine cover and open exhaust system mounted ...

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