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During the 2002 edition of the by now famous Viva Italia event the TT Circuit in Assen was again completely reserved for just about anything on wheels that originated from Italy, from a small Fiat right up to the most expensive Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Despite the rather lousy weather a very impressive collection of exotic cars could be admired, rare models like the classic Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2, an Islero 400 GTS or the Jarama.

Naturally there were also some more recent Lamborghini's shown, a few very nice Diablo, among them a stunning pearl yellow metallic Diablo VT 6.0, but also a rare Ferrari F40 from Belgium, and a selection of De Tomaso Pantera were showing off between this awesome show of Italian art on wheels.

As usual a large selection of Lamborghini Club Nederland members drove into Assen, most of them with their pride and joy, like a very nice black Diablo, this car was one of the early 2wd models made, nearly ten years old by now and still in a perfect shape.

Just like during the previous years, it was possible to have a drive on the circuit inside one of these exotic cars, an experience I can only advise you to try, but the Lamborghini Club Nederland and VDB Promotions can always be convinced to perform something extra, this year they went to pick up a Greek boy, who unfortunately suffers from an incurable illness, at his hotel in Assen with two Lamborghini's, a bright yellow Diablo and an awesome black Countach Anniversary, just to offer a choice to this kid.

In the end he selected the intimidating black Countach, while another kid was offered the chance to drive back to the circuit in the yellow Diablo, upon arrival on the circuit they were also taken onto the track for a little spin, everyone who helped to achieve this very special experience for these two kids was very pleased with their reaction.

Every visitor to Viva Italia was offered the chance to drive a few rounds on the circuit inside an Italian super car, for only 15 Euro you could experience the thrill of being a passenger on one of these special cars, a large number of people booked a drive.

Sometimes it was a bit crowded in the waiting queue, but once seated inside the car and thundering down the pit-lane, the wait was soon forgotten.

During this edition of the Viva Italia event several foreign guests were present, a few German Lamborghini owners drove down to Assen with their car, but also two Lamborghini's from Switzerland were present, and one from Belgium, the latter one was in fact a magnificent yellow Countach LP400 S in perfect shape. Our Swiss friends arrived with two very nice cars, one was a mildly tuned Diablo, with custom Momo parts in the interior and central exhaust pipes. The second car was a rather unique Countach, this actual car was once owned by none other than Patrick Mimran who owned the factory at the time this car was built.

The current owner, who incidentally is also the webmaster for the Swiss Lamborghini Club, stated this is probably the only Lamborghini Countach QV ever made in this color, a very nice dark metallic paint.

If you are a Lamborghini owner and would like to share your car together with other proud Lamborghini owners during the Viva Italia event next year, please don't hesitate to contact the Lamborghini Club Nederland

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Viva Italia 2002

July 10. 2002

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The Lamborghini section during Viva Italia 2002 showing a very nice overview of the different models ...

This kid was picked up personally in front of his hotel by two Lamborghini's for a drive on the track ...

A look at a silver metallic, classic Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2, a 4 liter GT from the Sixties ...

Once you open the engine cover the crowds starts growing around your car like on this pearl yellow Diablo VT 6.0.

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