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During 2004 there was unfortunately no Viva Italia event, but in 2005 this very interesting event was back ... with a large collection of various Lamborghinis present.

A lot of cars 'made in Italy' made their impression during the 2005 edition of Viva Italia, among them an interesting selection of cars made at the famous Sant'Agata factory, ranging from the classic 400 GT over the Urraco, Jarama, Jalpa, Countach, Diablo, Murciélago and the recent Gallardo ... they were all proudly shown to the crowd that gathered around them.

Unfortunately the weather was not at it's best, the sky was cloudy from the start, and to make things even worse, it started to rain just before the Lamborghini's were to take on the circuit ... but this didn't stop these owners from driving their proud and joy to Assen, and even take a spin at the world famous TT circuit before heading back home after a great event...

Just like during previous editions of the Viva Italia event, it was possible to be a passenger inside one of these magnificent cars, and the waiting queue was long, several people had a wonderful time sitting inside a car they can only dream about all year ... and it gave the owner a great way to show what they could do on an enclosed circuit with a howling V12 (or V8, V10) engine thrusting them forward.

Several Lamborghini came from outside of the Netherlands, but also some very nice Dutch registered cars made their debut at the 2005 edition of Viva Italia, among them a magnificent white Countach that was totally restored by it's owner, truly an impressive car, and let's face it ... the Countach is still the icon of Lamborghini, the Miura is probably the car that made Lamborghini known, but the Countach was the dream of just about everyone back in the Eighties ... and it still is today.

Those that own a Countach these days wouldn't want to trade it in for a Diablo or a Murciélago, the Countach is the statement from an era, a true exotic in every sense of the word, those upward opening doors are still a trademark for Automobili Lamborghini SpA today ... and tuners all over the world are installing Lamborghini style doors on all kinds of cars, even the Gallardo can be fitted with aftermarket 'Lamborghini' doors these days.

The legendary Countach started all this nearly three decades ago !!

We still had a great time talking with Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts, despite of the weather. But the cars made it all worth while, it's not every day that you are able to see such a nice collection of Italian cars all gathered together, make sure to visit Viva Italia 2006 if you've missed this one, or just to check out which new cars will be shown by those lucky few that actually own a Lamborghini.

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Viva Italia 2005

May 17. 2005

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Despite of the rain a very impressive collection of Lamborghini's gathered at the TT Circuit in Assen.

Just like every year, the Lamborghini Club Nederland was able to use this massive US truck for catering.

The queue to get onto the circuit, a very expensive line-up of various Diablo and MurciƩlago ...

A very nice black Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary edition, this car had the optional sports seats ...

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