A first look at the new Lamborghini prototype. heading
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A first look at the new Lamborghini prototype. - the STORY

The latest news from Sant'Agata clearly states the new Lamborghini model will be ready for a presentation in September 2001, it is however very impressive how the factory could keep this car such a secret, not a single spy photo from the actual prototype has been published yet.

Note however that one of the four prototypes that were built, was tested in a deserted area somewhere in the United States in early 2001, nobody even knew this and not a single photo was taken during this test phase.

In the May 2001 edition of the Italian magazine 'Quattroroute' these new drawings were published, they actually stated these were impressions of the Lamborghini designed by Luc Donckerwolke based on various facts that actually leaked out of the factory, which was at that moment still closed for all visitors.

As known before, the latest L147 model will still use the by now very well known V12 6-Liter engine from the Diablo VT 6.0, but this time with a six speed gearbox, in the same layout as the Diablo with the engine positioned as a mid unit with the gearbox underneath the drivers shift stick.

The first production model of this new Lamborghini will use a VT drive train, with the rear wheel drive version being planned to be built on special demand only, much like the current Diablo VT 6.0, you can still order a rear wheel drive Diablo for the same price as the VT model.

Also note that an all new L140 Lamborghini entry-model will still be presented during the 40th Anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini SpA in 2003, this totally new car will be the 'baby Lambo' only in size.

The projected performance has to be at the high Lamborghini level with a brand new V10 engine that is being developed in close relationship between Lamborghini and Audi, the latter having a vast relationship with Cosworth, a well respected and known engine builder.

This new Lamborghini competitor for the Ferrari 360 Modena and Porsche models will deliver over 400 Bhp, this still to be built L140 will be built in much higher numbers than the new flagship of the company, intended production plans are in the 1500 to 2000 units region, while the L147 will only reach about 500 cars each year, at a higher price naturally.

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A first look at the new Lamborghini prototype.

May 15. 2001

Text © Mark Smeyers

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A new drawing of the possible Lamborghini model to be unveiled during a Lamborghini Day in September 2001.

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