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Aventador on ADV.1 wheels in India - the STORY

So you've made a nice fortune living in India and it is time to get a reward for all your hard work ... so why not put in an order for a nice Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, and you were so impressed with the shade used for the Geneva show car you got the Arancio Argos shade with orange brake calipers and a full black interior ... only to find out just about everyone else also ordered their Aventador in the same shade.

In this case you have a few options, one would be to apply a wrap to the car and make it look like the Al Thani mat fuchsia model, but then again you want something really special, so you go for option number two: a stunning set of wheels that will really make your Raging Bull stand out on the parking lot during the next VIP event.

I'm sure we all know ADV.1 Wheels already, they have been putting some of the most amazing, custom made wheels on super exotic cars, and the Lamborghini Aventador is no exception to this, so our Indian owner turned to Racetech, the official ADV.1 wheels distributor for India, and ordered a set of ADV5 concave models ... with a chrome finish.

I must admit that wouldn't be my first choice either, people are using chrome wrap on their cars these days, but the days of chromed wheels on anything else than big SUV models have passed on in most parts of the world ... probably not in India however, and anyway if the owner likes it who are we to doubt that ... he (or she) paid for it so I have no problem with that.

The photo shoot to promote ADV.1 and Racetech in India using this amazing looking Lamborghini Aventador wasn't a straight forward deal ... the photographer, Taran Khetan, had the bright idea to involve a real elephant in the shoot ... the results are amazing to say the least, but I wouldn't be too relaxed with that modern day mammoth next to a $500,000 Raging Bull.

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Aventador on ADV.1 wheels in India

August 5. 2012

Text © Mark Smeyers

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Chromed ADV.1 wheels on this bright orange Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 located in India

Rear view of a bright orange Aventador rolling on chromed ADV.1 wheels

We're in India with this Aventador on ADV.1 wheels, so an elephant isn't so far fetched in fact.

The side windows on this Aventador on ADV.1 Wheels have been tinted, the sun in India can be very hot.

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