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Lamborghini continues its sustainable business development strategy

Automobili Lamborghini has officially opened the doors of its new logistics centre at its Sant'Agata Bolognese facility. The centre will handle storage and distribution for all the manufacturer's main markets and will play an important role in the sustained development of the company's infrastructure.

The new centre was opened by Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, and Jean-Fleury Garel, CEO of Gazeley, one of Europe's largest logistics property companies responsible for managing the project.

The new Logistics centre, with a surface of 11.000 square meters, is situated within the business zone and replaces the existing centre located in Anzola Emilia, about 20 kilometres away.

Characteristics of the new facility

The new facility, which stands 10 meters high with space for about 14,052 pallets, will be used both as a warehouse for car production and components and spare parts, as well as for Lamborghini's merchandise range. Thanks to the height of the building and to innovative warehousing structures, storage capacity has been increased twofold, ensuring the accommodation of future business growth.

State of the art logistics

Automobili Lamborghini has developed its logistics activities by investing in both infrastructure and technology to ensure competitiveness, with a particular emphasis on optimizing the efficiency of its commercial organization, in line with the company's positive performance of recent years. Access to a centre which features the very latest in logistics and storage techniques, thanks to its partner Jungheinrich, will improve internal processes. In parallel, material preparation and processing times have been reduced by 50% thanks to the partnership with Schnellecke Italia.

Operations at the centre are fully automated. Instant data transmission ensures the functionality of logistics integration processes while ensuring constant control of data flow, which reflect the manufacturer's high standards, procedural policies and service objectives. The new logistics centre is also characterized by a comfortable working environment, while controls and other features required to facilitate operations are simple and streamlined.

Social responsibility in development

One of the strengths of the new centre is the decision to move the location: the new warehouse's direct link to the Lamborghini plant will reduce the negative impact of heavy goods traffic between Anzola and Sant'Agata. It has been estimated that the project will reduce emissions by over 75 kg per annum, and nitrogen oxide by over 750 kg (Sources: Standard Euro 3).

The decision to remain close to the town in Emilia Romagna in which Lamborghini was founded in 1963, is proof of Lamborghini's commitment to develop within the region in co-operation with the local authorities and community.

"Lamborghini aims to adopt processes based on the highest quality within the lead time", explained Mr. Winkelmann. "In an increasingly competitive environment such as today's market, it is not enough just to offer a quality product. Decisions regarding cost-effectiveness and timing are also crucial, combined with 100% involvement of staff with a view to achieving environmental sustainability."

"Working for a brand as prestigious and internationally celebrated as Lamborghini has given us a cause for great pride and satisfaction," stated Jean-Fleury Garel, General Manager of Gazeley Italia. "This project was developed in record time and is further testimony to the reliability of our offer, which includes the design and construction of 'Built-to-suit' buildings. Our mission includes the development of integrated logistics parks in addition to the construction of buildings designed especially to suit the needs of our customers in terms of location and lay-out. In this way, we were able to give Lamborghini a building designed in close cooperation with their technical and logistics team, directly connected to the production facility”



Jungheinrich Italiana is a branch of Jungheinrich AG, a German multinational company and European leaders in warehouse logistics. We have now worked in Italy for 50 years with 7 direct branches offering a wide range of internal transport means, racking systems and services, all provided by a single supplier. Jungheinrich boasts the widest range of products available on the market, and one which, to name just a few, covers everything from transport trucks to all types of carriers, including trilateral and automatic carriers, warehouse management software, data transmission on radiofrequencies, pallet racking, and self-supporting racking.

Jungheinrich also offers alternatives to straight-out purchase, specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of each and every business. With more than 4500 means, we can lay claim to the largest fleet of trucks for short-term hire in Italy. Our Used Truck service provides trucks with warranties and 'First-hand' bargain trucks. We also have the most capillary and organised direct service assistance network in Italy, with more than 415 specialists and a truck training service. And to complete the programme, Jungheinrich can also provide a series of financial options that are extremely flexible, to suit your every need.


As a logistic service provider, the Schnellecke Group compiles total concepts, which reach over stock management, pre-assemblies and value added services up to sequential manufacturing or sea-container-fair packing.

Transparency, quality consciousness and checkability of these complex operational sequences in the context of a Supply chain management are of special importance. By those proximity to the customer, a time-exact supply to the assembling place at the customer is guaranteed.

The Schnellecke Group offers goods transportation also system-steered in the context of a global network in Europe.

Furthermore the Group produces body parts and - building groups for the automotive industry. A further strength of the Group is the IT and project management.

The members of the project teams are only specialists develop world-wide logistic concepts, which are individually cut to the requirement profile of the customer and are system-supported locally converted.

Today over 12.000 employees world-wide belong to the Schnellecke Group.

Apart from 13 locations in Germany the enterprise has societies in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Great Britain, Italy, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico as well as China. Altogether belong over 40 locations with over 800.000 square meters to resounding surface to the Schnellecke Group.

The location Italy exists since 2004 and reflects the internationality of the Schnellecke Group.

The logistic service for Lamborghini ranges from the production delivery in the form of JIT and JIS up to complex quality inspections. The outstanding relationship to Lamborghini is characterised in particular by the building and the conversion of the new Logistic Centre. In this way the collaboration between Lamborghini and Schnellecke is still continued to intensify and improved by this again converted project continuously.

Sant'Agata Bolognese, 17 October 2008

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October 17. 2008

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