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At the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas well-known PUR Wheels launched a new model in their already impressive portfolio ... the RS05 Monoblock Lightweight Forged wheel available in Brilliant Silver, Black Diamond, Monaco Gold and Modern Matte Black showing an innovative design with an innovative sharp curvature, this wheel is unlike anything we've seen from PUR wheels before.

PUR Wheels list the RS05 with the following statement: "This futuristic design features hard lines and a defining twist that makes it ever so unique." ... and the design is really the eye candy on this wheel as it reminds us of the one of a kind Lamborghini Egoista, which featured wheels looking similar to these RS05 but finished in bright orange and showing carbon fiber fins on the rims.

I've talked to PUR Wheels about this ... and guess what ... there will be a special option in the near future directly from PUR themselves ... carbon fiber fins to mount onto the RS05 wheels ... I haven't seen a photo yet with this option but I can imagine how cool it will look.

The RS05 is available in 19, 20, 21 and even 22 inch ... and naturally they fit onto the current Lamborghini flagship ... SR Auto Group and PUR Wheels already mounted a set of bright silver metallic RS05 units on a stunning black Aventador complete with PUR Aerodynamic kit ... let's take this concept one step further.

I'm sure you will be able to have these PUR Wheels RS05 units finished in bright orange paint just like on the Lamborghini Egoista ... just imagine a tuner offering a brand new aerodynamic kit that holds some of the more impressive parts of the Egoista to be installed on the Aventador ... that's what I've done ... virtually at the moment.

Meet the Lamborghini Aventador Egoist concept:

The grey finished Aventador seen on this page is fitted with the original Egoista wheels including the carbon fiber fins, but I'm sure orange finished RS05 from PUR Wheels will look easily as good if not better ... up front you notice the deeper, more forward nose cone from the Egoista integrated into the Aventador front, if you have to replace the entire front bumper you can change the design too ... hence new air intake to the sides finished in bright orange and holding high power lights.

The carbon fiber fins on the side of the bumper are joined by similar parts just in front of the rear wheels and on the rear bumper, which is also completely replaced by a new unit in Egoista styling ... the large orange exhaust pipes will be fitted to this concept too, they are just way too cool not to use. Same thing on the side, replacing the entire side sill section of the Aventador offers the option of showing a different design, a triangular air vent behind the front wheels, a large air intake in front of the rear wheels and the original air intake sculpted differently to show more Egoista styling.

Probably one of the most recognizable styling cues can be seen behind the side windows, next to the engine cover ... the 'fins' that open to draw more air into the engine bay have been replaced by those stunning Egoista fins that open and close as necessary ... I deliberately didn't put a rear wing on this concept ... the Egoista has two adjustable fins on either side of the rear ... so on this Aventador concept I went for the same option ... the original wing is modified ... the center section stays flush while the left and right section goes up into the air.

This new, dual rear wing fins allow more air to evacuate from the engine compartment (as with the original Aventador rear wing by the way) when open and increase down-force a little ... but I've added an extra bonus ... when braking hard at high speed these two fins actually raise to a much higher angle (almost 90 degrees) and act as an air brake ... just like on the fighter plane both the Egoista and the Aventador remind us of.

Unfortunately this grey Aventador Egoist is just a virtual render, so you can't really order this aerodynamic kit at this moment ... still would be nice of some of the high end tuners out there would pick up on this ... in fact the entire kit consists of a new front bumper, a complete side sill, a new rear bumper and tail section, a modified rear wing and new 'shoulder air intakes' ... that's it ... mounted in the original fittings ... so it is a feasible kit I think ... add the PUR Wheels RS05 rims and you end up with a stunning Lamborghini Aventador ... Egoist.

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Lamborghini Aventador Egoist tuning kit

November 17. 2013

Text © Mark Smeyers

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Taking some of the distinctive design parts of the unique Lamborghini Egoista onto the V12 Aventador model
1280x853px (2400x1600px)

PUR Wheels created the RS05 forged rim ... and the stunning design reminds us of the Lamborghini Egoista ... even when mounted on an Aventador.

The amazing looking PUR Wheels RS05 shows a distinct sharp curvature, a wheel unlike anything PUR has done before.

The PUR Wheels RS05 rim is available in Brilliant Silver, Black Diamond, Monaco Gold and Matte Black ... you can always have them finished in Egoista orange ...

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