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Lamborghini in Brazil - the STORY

Automobili Lamborghini SpA is constantly expanding their official dealership network, they intend to have over 100 authorized dealers all over the world by the end of 2006, it is noteworthy that during the first six months of 2006 the total number of dealers went from just 68 to no less than 88.

Their latest addition just opened in Brazil. Until now the Lamborghini brand was rather unknown to the South American scene, but this all changed when the 24th Salão Internacional do Automóvel in São Paolo opened it's door, and no less than four Raging Bulls were shown to the public, and thanks to the new dealership, they are now locally available too.

Located right in São Paulo, at the corner of Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antonio and Avenida Brasil, this new dealership was completed last August to open it's doors to all those Brazilian enthusiasts that want the best of the best on the market, apparently Automobili Lamborghini SpA isn't the only one to see the massive potential of this South American market because both Ferrari and Maserati also started a large expansion into this until now rather unknown market.

During the car show, the Gallardo Coupé was parked next to a stunning Murciélago Roadster, one of the limited edition Gallardo SE's was finished in a bright Verde Ithaca while the amazing flagship Roadster was finished in pearl metallic yellow. Albeit it being a rather small stand compared to other Auto Shows, the São Paulo Lamborghini display was most of the time crowded by enthusiasts and fans of high power exotics who could admire the star of the show, the yellow metallic Murciélago Roadster, combining amazing looks with open top motoring and offering those Lamborghini trademark scissor doors, all with 580 Bhp on tap that allows the 100 Km/h barrier to be reached within only 3.9 seconds and reaching it's limit at 330 Km/h ...

The 'entry level' Lamborghini Gallardo is available in Brazil together with the Murciélago, and to create the most impact during the show, all cars were finished in brightly colored bodywork. The Gallardo is without mistake a true Lamborghini, albeit using conventional doors and a V10 engine, it's styling is as aggressive and intimidating as it's larger counterpart, the V12 Murciélago.

The Gallardo offers a healthy 500 Bhp coupled to the well known VT traction system, this 'smaller' Bull is capable of reaching a top speed of 309 Km/h and gets to 100 Km/h from standstill in only 4.2 seconds.

It is safe to say that both models will leave an everlasting impression to the people in Brazil, a market that is just waiting to bloom.

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Lamborghini in Brazil

October 22. 2006

Text © Mark Smeyers

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