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This amazing looking shade is called Marrone Alcestis for the new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
This Grigio Admetus is in fact an Ad Personam metallic shade for the new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
I for one really like this Bicolor Sportivo interior inside the Huracan combining Nero Ade with Giallo Taurus
A very warm, classic Bicolor Elegante interior for the Huracan ... this is the Terra Emilia brown tint.
Naturally Arancio Borealis is back on the new Lamborghini V10 model, the Huracan LP610-4
Rear view shows the optional Mimas wheels on this Arancio Borealis Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
Inside the familiar option of Bicolor Sportivo is available for the Huracan too, here seen using Nero Ade and Arancio Leonis in smooth leather.
With the Bicolor Sportivo option inside you'll also receive a color coded section on the bottom of the dashboard.
I have always been a fan of the special matte white shade Bianco Canopus, which is also available on the Huracan now.
The Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 finished in Bianco Canopus rolling op optional Mimas wheels complete with red brake calipers
Stunning white leather upholstery inside the Lamborghini Huracan, Bicolor Elegante Bianco Polar to be exact.
Full white leather with Bianco Polar in Bicolor Elegante ... note the lower part of the dashboard remains black now.
Bianco Icarus is a very nice metallic white shade for the new Lamborghini Huracan, note the Giano wheels which are standard
Optional orange brake calipers on the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 finished in metallic white Bianco Icarus
No bright red leather yet for the Huracan, instead this Rosso Andra shade in the Bicolor Elegante style
Very warm and luxurious looking shade of red called Rosso Andra for the new Huracan LP610-4
Bianco Monocerus is a standard shade for the Huracan together with Nero Noctis, noth solid paints
Solid white is still called Bianco Monocerus for the new Huracan, just like it was available on the Gallardo
Solid black leather interior is called Nero Ade Unicolor on the Huracan, note the Branding Package offers Raging Bull crests on the headrests
On a completely black interior like this a contrasting stitching shade can make all the difference.
Blu Achelus is a nice metallic blue shade for the Lamborghini Huracan.
Perhaps not the most impressive shade available, but Blu Achelus does make the Huracan look very nice
Combining Bianco Leda with Nero Ade in this Bicolor Sportivo style looks very impressive
Bianco Leda is a very bright shade of white leather available for the Lamborghini Huracan
Amazing looking Blu Caelum is in fact an Ad Personam option for the new Lamborghini Huracan
The Blu Caelum option is only available through the Ad Personam program, but it does look extermely nice on the Huracan
The red shade is called Rosso Alala, if you take a close look you'll see it is in fact Alcantara and not leather
The new Huracan offers two tone interiors called Bicolor Sportivo ... either completely in leather or combined with alcantara
Giallo Horus is a very special shade on the Lamborghini Huracan ... a matte yellow in fact
If you really want to have your Huracan stand out the special option of Giallo Horus might be a good idea
A nice combination of black leather and yellow alcantara fits the matt yellow exterior perfectly.
Yellow alcantara is called Giallo Taurus in this Bicolor Sportivo option for the Lamborghini Huracan
The first images showing the Lamborghini Huracan that were released had the Bull finished in Giallo Midas
Giallo Midas with the optional Mimas wheels and yellow brake calipers ... a perfect combination on the Huracan
Beautiful Giallo Taurus Bicolor Sportivo interior inside this Giallo Midas Lamborghini Huracan
Bicolor Sportivo is a very nice option for the interior inside the new Lamborghini Huracan
Grigio Lynx is a beautiful grey metallic shade available on the Huracan, note the standard Giano wheels on this car
A very stylish shade for the angular design of the Lamborghini Huracan, Grigio Lynx dark grey metallic
Inside a Grigio Lynx Huracan the full leather interior option Bicolor Elegante in Grigio Octans looks really good.
Part of the doors and upper section of the dashboard remain in black Alcantara inside the Lamborghini Huracan
Matte shades are still very desirable today, I'm sure this Grigio Titans will be seen on the new Lamborghini Huracan
This very nice matte grey shade was first seen on the Aventador LP720-4 Roadster, now it is also available on the Huracan
Absolutely awesome looking Nero Ade combined with Grigio Cronus Alcantara upholstery
Classic combination of Nero Ade and Grigio Cronus looks very nice inside the Grigio Titans Huracan
A light grey, almost silver metallic shade works on every Lamborghini, for the Huracan this is called Grigio Nimbus
The light shaded Grigio Nimbus shows all the intricate design features of the Huracan
Smooth leather option of the Bicolor Sportivo ... Nero Ade with Grigio Cronus ... classic and beautiful.
You don't need flashy shades to make the new Huracan interior look good, Grigio Cronus with Nero Ade works too.
Grigio Admetus is an Ad Personam metallic shade ... a warm silver, almost champagne like tint ... I actually like it.
A nice Grigio Admetus over a Bicolor Elegante interior ... nice and classic on the Lamborghini Huracan
The Bianco Leda option in the Bicolor Elegante edition is a very bright white leather, Bianco Polar is a tint darker.
Full white leather Bianco Leda might require some maintenance, but it looks absolutely stunning.
We've seen the Marrone Apus on the Gallardo and the Aventador ... and now it is also available on the Huracan
Marrone Apus is a very special shade on the Lamborghini Huracan, you really have to see it in real life
A warm brown shade inside the Lamborghini Huracan called Terra Aeneas.
With the Bicolor Elegante option the lower part of the dashboard remains black while the central console is color coded to the seats
I really like Nero Nemesis on both the Aventador and the Huracan, makes the Bull look very menacing
Glossy black wheels would look even better on this Nero Nemesis finished Huracan
In this case the Arancio Leonis shade is used on Alcantara while the Nero Ade remains smooth leather
The orange sections on this image are using Alcantara instead of leather ... which gives a totally different feeling.
Two standard solid shades are available on the Huracan, Bianco Monocerus and this Nero Noctis
Solid glossy black is called Nero Noctis on the new Lamborghini Huracan
Very nice Bicolor Alcantara in Nero Ade would be a perfect match with a Nero Noctis exterior
Black leather and alcantara look really good inside the Lamborghini Huracan
Nero Serapis is the metallic version of black paint on the Lamborghini Huracan
The Lamborghini Huracan in a stylish black metallic paint called Nero Serapis
Bianco Leda Alcantara upholstery combined with Nero Ade leather in the Bicolor Sportivo option.
A combination of black and white makes perfect sense inside the Lamborghini Huracan
Rosso Mars is listed as a metallic shade by Lamborghini for the new Huracan
Rosso mars will be a popular shade on the Lamborghini Huracan
Rosso Alala leather combined with Nero Ade by opting for the Bicolor Sportivo interior in the Huracan
Very nice shade of red inside the Lamborghini Huracan, called Rosso Alala
The Lamborghini Huracan can be ordered in bright Verde Mantis, a pearl metallic effect paint
Note really the same shade as Verde Ithaca on the Aventador, this Verde Mantis is meant for the Huracan
Verde Fauns is a green shade to be used on the interior, available in either Alantara or smooth leather
When you opt for the Bicolor Sportivo with Verde Fauns in Alcantara the optional steering wheel in the same material would be nice to have
Lamborghini now offers a very nice, classic metallic brown shade on the Huracan, called Marrone Alcestis available in the Ad Personam program
Perhaps not the most sport style shade, this Terra Semele does look very luxurious inside the Huracan
The Terra Semele smooth leather upholstery looks very stylish inside the new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
Bianco Canopus exterior over a Bicolor Sportivo interior with Nero Ada and Bianco Leda is a near perfect combination
A look at the dashboard inside the Huracan without the Branding Package option, note there is no script in front of the passenger
The Branding Package adds a nice chrome Lamborghini script in front of the passenger, and embossed logos on the headrest
The trim on the dashboard when you opt for the Bicolor Sportivo interior.
Bicolor Elegante shows more color on the central console and seats, but the bottom section of the dashboard is black now.
Naturally a smooth leather steering wheel is standard fitment on the new Lamborghini Huracan
For a more track style look you can have the steering wheel finished in suede in your Lamborghini Huracan
The multi functional display in front of the driver can also show the navigation system
With interior shades like this Terra Emilia I'm sure Lamborghini is aiming for the more classic look instead of a hyper exotic look
The engine cover with louvres like this is standard for the Huracan, reminds us of the Miura no?
The glass engine cover that nicely shows the V10 is in fact an option for the Lamborghini Huracan
On a light shade the black panels of the engine cover on the Huracan provide a nice contrast.
Looks like the optional engine cover on the Huracan uses tempered glass ... looks good by the way.
Remember the Sabbia Nefertem from the Aventador Roadster ... the same shade is available on the Huracan too
Nice and bright Sabbia Nefertem interior for the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
Standard black leather interior inside the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
Even if you go for the optional Bicolor Sportivo interior you don't really need to go for the Branding Package
The optional Branding Package combines a nice chrome script on the dashboard and these embossed headrests
This light shade is called Terra Maia, note the open style of the central console inside the Huracan
The smooth leather option for the Bicolor Sportivo with Nero Ade and Verde Fauns inside the Huracan
This green Verde Fauns might not work well with every exterior shade on the Huracan, but on some of them it looks really amazing

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