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Murciélago by Hamann Motorsport GmbH - the STORY

It was only a matter of time before the well known tuning specialist Hamann Motorsport GmbH would turn to the Lamborghini flagship, after taking the Gallardo one step further with their Ventus S1 Evo model featuring 'in house' developed gull wing doors.

Naturally the Murciélago didn't need these door modifications, why tamper with a typical trademark like those upwards opening doors, so Hamann worked their magic on the bodywork alone at first, the engine remained standard despite matching it to a new exhaust which Hamann made from high end V2A stainless steel featuring a dual tip measuring a whopping 120mm each, giving a massive impression of power, not to mention the amazing racing style sound this new exhaust emits ...

On the outside only a trained eye would note the additional front spoiler, it is so nicely integrated into the overall design of this Lamborghini one could be forgiven to think it was mounted at the factory, however that impressive rear wing wouldn't fool anyone, we all know that Automobili Lamborghini SpA doesn't offer a rear wing mainly because the Murciélago doesn't need it, the design of the bodywork creates enough down force at speed with that small adjustable spoiler at the rear.

But you must admit it does look nice anyway, so adding a rear wing by Hamann isn't such a bad idea after all, looks are important too you know, if only to impress your neighbor who happens to be driving a standard Murciélago ...

To complete the outside looks of the Hamann Motorsport GmbH Murciélago there are massive 20-inch wheels mounted, black cross-spoke center with a high gloss polished outer rim and titanium bolts are what is contained in the 'Race edition' wheels by Hamann, 8.5x20 inch at the front axle and a wide 13 x 20 inch at the back, wearing 235/30 ZR20 and 325/25 ZR20 respectively.

Add a few Carbon Fiber touches in the interior, like the vents, shift gate cover and a little trim around the instruments and you've got a personalized car, and it happens to be a Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster in this case ... what more could you want ?

Perhaps a similar tuning on the latest LP640 model ? That's possible too, however Hamann will treat this new car slightly different ... when you take delivery of it that is, because delays are reaching the 12 month period these days ... after that the possibilities are endless ... albeit limited by your cash flow

The LP640 will receive some dedicated Carbon Fiber parts like additional 'fins' on the shoulder mounted intakes of the Lamborghini, again the 120mm dual exhaust is mounted on the LP640. To increase traction on both axles a front spoiler is mounted together with a rear wing, all available in clear Carbon Fiber by the way, but the side sills are forgotten either, while twin front winglets are possible too and naturally a new rear under tray, but the 'piece de résistance' is without a doubt the roof mounted air intake which takes us back to the days of the Diablo GT ...

On the interior you'll be able to mount an 8-piece Carbon Fiber set and have the factory leather replaced (or extended) by a rainbow of possible colors, all executed with the greatest care and to the exact request of the fortunate owner of the Lamborghini.

For more information and prices, please feel free to contact the friendly sales staff at Hamann Motorsport GmbH, on this official website you'll also be also to find a local dealer which is authorized to distribute these magnificent parts for your Murciélago.

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Murciélago by Hamann Motorsport GmbH

January 28. 2008

Text © Mark Smeyers

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The Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster after a stay at the Hamann studio's in Germany ...

The awesome Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 made even more aggressive by Hamann Motorsport ...

The Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster revised by Hamann Motorsport GmbH ... it looks even lower now ...

A rather low but very stylish rear wing is mounted by Hamann Motorsport GmbH ...

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