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FULL specifications on the Diablo VT 6.0 Special Edition

Date posted : May 8. 2015 at 11:15:46


TypeDiablo VT 6.0 Special Edition
Years built2001
Production42 units
PresentationMarch 2001 Geneva Auto Show
Type of carTwo door coupé, two seater berlinetta, horizontally hinged door
Designed byOriginal Diablo design by Marcello Gandini 6.0 redesign by Luc Donckerwolcke
Built byAutomobili Lamborghini SpA


Wheelbase2650 mm / 104.15 in
Overall length4470 mm / 175.67 in
Overall width2040 mm / 80.17 in
Overall height1105 mm / 43.43 in
Front track1610 mm / 63.27 in
Rear track1670 mm / 65.63 in
Ground clear.140 mm / 5.5 in
Front overhang930 mm / 36.55 in
Rear overhang880 mm / 34.58 in
Weight1625 kg / 3583 lbs
Distribution41/59% front / rear


StructureSteel rectangular tube high strength alloy and composite carbon fiber.
BodyAluminum alloy and hand layup composite materials with autoclave technology (cx : 0.31)
SuspensionIndependent front & rear double wishbones, coil springs. Parallelogram action unequal length wishbones, anti-roll bar and front anti-dive / anti-squat geometry. Electronic shock absorber system with automatic and manual control system.
BrakesAll-wheel Brembo self-ventilated and perforated disc brakes with aluminium alloy four cylinder calipers. An H-type hydraulic circuit, servo-assistance and a Kelsey Hays / Lucas Varity ABS were standard issue.
Front365 mm / 14.34 in
Rear335 mm / 13.17 in
Steering typePower assisted mechanical rack and pinion, 3.2 turns lock to lock.
Turning circle13 m / 43 ft
Front tyre size235/35 ZR 18
Rear tyre size335/30 ZR 18
TypePirelli P ZERO with asymmetric unidirectional tread
Front rim size8,5x18 inch
Rear rim size13x18 inch
TypeSingle Cast OZ-Racing aluminium light-alloy
Rear spoilerOptional


TypeV-12 60 degree, light-alloy block with pressed-in liners, mid mounted (longitudal), Viscous Traction four wheel drive
DistributionDual overhead camshafts, chain drive, four valves/cylinder
Main Bearings7
Cyl.Capacity5992 cc / 366 ci
Bore & stroke87x84 mm
Intake systemElectronic controlled intake variable Valve Timing System
Compr. Ratio10.7:1
Max.power550 Bhp at 7100 rpm
Max.torque620 Nm at 5500 rpm
Cooling systempressurized water cooling (1.2 bar), thermostatic valve, with 2 radiators 'in parallel', electric fans and a front mounted oil cooler
IgnitionElectronic static with individual coils and integrated fuel injection
Emission contr.Three way catalytic convertors with oxygen sensors
Electr.system12 V
Alternator14 V, 115 A
Fuel systemSpeed density, original L.I.E. Lamborghini electronic sequential phased multipoint injection
Fuel typePremium unleaded 95 R.O.N.
Fuel cons.16 Lit/100 Km
LubricationGear type pump


TypeLamborghini five-speed + reverse manual all-synchromesh, ZF final drive with limited-slip differential
ClutchDry-single plate, hydraulically operated
Disc diameter254 mm / 9.98 in
1st gear ratio2.310:1Max speed98 Km/h / 61 Mph
2nd gear ratio1.520:1Max speed149 Km/h / 93 Mph
3rd gear ratio1.120:1Max speed202 Km/h / 125 Mph
4th gear ratio0.880:1Max speed256 Km/h / 159 Mph
5th gear ratio0.680:1Max speed335 Km/h / 208 Mph
Rev. gear ratio2.120:1Max speed107 Km/h / 66 Mph
Rear differentialbevel gear type, limited slip 45% Ratio : 1:2.41
Front differentialbevel gear type, limited slip 25% Ratio 1:2.81


Top speed335 Km/h / 208 Mph
0 - 100 Km/h3.95 sec.
Standing Km20.50 sec.


Fuel100 Liter / 26 Gallon
Engine oil13 Liter / 3 Gallon
Cooling system15 Liter / 4 Gallon
Luggage140 Liter / 37 Gallon


European MSRP218,500 € (2001)
US MSRPUSD 275,000
Current value$ 240,000 - $ 413,704
 Limited edition, so could be hard to find and prices are a bit higher compared to the normal Diablo VT 6.0