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FULL specifications on the Miura Roadster or Zn75

Date posted : April 26. 2015 at 13:22:24


TypeMiura Roadster or Zn75
Years built1968
Production1 units
Presentation1968 Brussels Auto Show, Zn75 in December 1970 in Paris
Type of carTwo door, two seater with targa-style roof construction
Designed byBertone, Marcello Gandini
Built byBertone, modified by the ILZRO


Wheelbase2504 mm / 98.41 in
Overall length3470 mm / 136.37 in
Overall width1760 mm / 69.17 in
Overall height1050 mm / 41.27 in
Front track1412 mm / 55.49 in
Rear track1412 mm / 55.49 in
Ground clear.130 mm / 5.11 in
Front overhang933 mm / 36.67 in
Rear overhang933 mm / 36.67 in
Weight1000 kg / 2205 lbs


StructureSheet-steel unitized body, lightened welded box sections by Bertone
BodyMonocoque steel construction with aluminum front and rear sections
SuspensionAll-independent, consisting of double transverse wishbones with coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers and anti-roll bars
BrakesAll-wheel power-assisted Girling disc brakes, hydraulically operated via a dual circuit system
Front305 mm / 11.99 in
Rear280 mm / 11 in
Steering typeUnassisted rack and pinion, 3.4 turns lock to lock
Turning circle11.2 m / 37 ft
Front tyre sizeHS 205-15
Rear tyre sizeHS 205-15
TypePirelli Cinturato Belted
Front rim size7x15 inch
Rear rim size7x15 inch
TypeCampagnolo cast magnesium on original Bertone prototype Modified wheels were mounted after the ILZRO acquired the car.


TypeV-12 60 degree, light-alloy block with gearbox and differential built in the same block and pressed-in liners mid mounted, rear wheel drive
DistributionDual overhead camshafts, chain drive, two valves/cyl.
Main Bearings7
Cyl.Capacity3939 cc / 240 ci
Bore & stroke82 x 62 mm
Compr. Ratio9.5:1
Max.power350 Bhp at 7000 rpm
Max.torque369 Nm at 5100 rpm
Cooling systemCross-flow radiators and twin electric fans
IgnitionTwo coils and two Marelli distributors
PlugsBosch 250P
Electr.system12 V
Alternator660 Watt
Fuel systemDual electric Bendix fuel pumps, 4 tripple-choke Weber 40 IDA 30 carburetors
Fuel type100 Octane
Fuel cons.19 Lit/100 Km
LubricationWet sump, common engine-transmission lubricant


TypeLamborghini all synchromesh five-speed + reverse manual
Clutchdry-single plate, hydraulically operated
Disc diameter266.7 mm / 10.48 in
1st gear ratio2.520:1Max speed93 Km/h / 58 Mph
2nd gear ratio1.735:1Max speed135 Km/h / 84 Mph
3rd gear ratio1.225:1Max speed188 Km/h / 117 Mph
4th gear ratio1.000:1Max speed225 Km/h / 140 Mph
5th gear ratio0.815:1Max speed280 Km/h / 174 Mph
Rev. gear ratio2.765:1  
Final drive ratio4.08:1


Top speed280 Km/h / 174 Mph
0 - 100 Km/h6.60 sec.
Standing Km24.40 sec.
1/4 Mile14.60 sec. reaching 101 Mph


Fuel90 Liter / 24 Gallon
Engine oil14 Liter / 4 Gallon
Cooling system14 Liter / 4 Gallon
Luggage140 Liter / 37 Gallon


Current value$ 8,000,000 - $ 10,000,000
 Probably the most expensive Lamborghini ever next to the 350 GTV, an estimated value of US $ 10,000,000 was quoted in 2013