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Espada Custom convertible - the STORY

During the late Nineties, a rather special Espada was offered for sale, this car was in fact an early 1970 Espada which was completely customized in Germany.

The car was finished in a brilliant red paint over a white leather interior, but the most striking feature was actually the fact that this car was now a convertible, during the removal of the roof section the bodyshop performing this job also redesigned the entire car, the front of the car received smaller rectangular headlights and a deep front spoiler was installed too.

The wheel arches were enlarged covering deep wheels, while side skirts were also moulded into the bodywork.

The current whereabouts of this special Espada are unknown at this time, but if anybody has a lead on where this car is know, please let me know by using the address on this page.

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Espada Custom convertible

October 22. 2004

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A custom built Lamborghini Espada Convertible ...

A more recent shot of the unique Lamborghini Espada Convertible, currently located in the United States

The engine of the one of a kind Espada Convertible wasn't in the best condition at this time.

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